Police Swarm Housing Unit at 288 Windsor


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Members of the Thunder Bay Police Service and possibly the Ontario Provincial Police responded in significant numbers to the ever notorious 288 Windsor Street housing complex.

Residents in the area have told TRCCTB.COM that the unit in question, which is addressed in the 40’s, is known to be a “trap house” where out of town gangs have setup shop and are selling drugs out of.


We have been informed by 288 Windsor residents that a number of police cruisers, including at least 3 Emergency Task Unit vehicles were on scene.

Officers were equipped with what appeared to be heavy body arm and large guns as police executed their move.

It appeared that a number of people were taken into police custody and that the unit has been “disrupted”, likely apart of the ongoing effort to ultimately shut down out of town gangs through Project Disruption.


Southern Ontario gangs have a strong foothold in Thunder Bay and are bringing in dangerous and often fatal drugs such as fentanyl. A number of arrests and convictions of out of town gang members have included counterfeit drugs such as “fake percocets” and “fake oxycontin” that ended up being fentanyl.


Cocaine and other street drugs have been found to be cut with fentanyl and carfentanil. Fentanyl and carfentanil have been at the heart of the nation-wide overdose crisis which is claiming numerous lives everyday. It is safe to say that everyone has either lost a person in their life to a fatal overdose, or knows someone who has lost someone.

As far as we know, the provincial government and the federal government has not granted additional funding to the Thunder Bay Police Service to tackle the ever increasing threat to the city brought on by southern Ontario gang members.

There are a number of gangs in town that operate drug trafficking operations while armed with loaded handguns. TRCCTB.COM has been conducting an ongoing interview with a gang leader from Ottawa. The leader has claimed that his gang has been here since around 2011 and was not armed with handguns until another southern Ontario gang moved members into the city and attempted to shut down one of their drug trafficking residences by shooting at the door.

It was at this point that the leader decided to arms all of his members, as a precaution to protect themselves from these more ruthless and vicious gangs that are flooding the city.

An interesting point that the leader of this Ottawa gang made was that southern Ontario gangs read the news up here and noticed how high the Thunder Bay Police Service would value seized drugs. Often TBPS would value cocaine at close to $200 a gram and heroin even higher.

During the interview the gang leader said that these over-inflated prices are a main cause for numerous gangs to flock to the city with the giant heart. In southern Ontario we are told that these gangs can obtain cocaine at around $30 or less for a gram, they then transport the drugs in large quantities to Thunder Bay where they will often fetch $150 to $200 a gram for powdered cocaine and even more for crack cocaine.

Perhaps there is no need to put a dollar amount on seized drugs, maybe its time to find a new way to inform the public about how significant busts are. What ideas do you have for police to inform the public about how significant a drug bust was?

When TRCCTB.COM reported on the Syrian refugees who were in possession of 220 grams of fentanyl, we published that story with the amount being compared to how many fatal overdoses the baggie could have resulted in. It was over 100,000 people.

We now wait for the Thunder Bay Police Service to issue a media release so that we can get more information.


Thunder Bay District Housing has been working hard to evict drug trafficking tenants. Housing has repeatedly asked the courts to not release individuals to housing addresses as they are having a substantial issue with housing neighbourhoods being overrun with crime, resulting in some tenants feeling “unsafe”.


Let’s give our front line officers of all police force’s that service our city and region a big thank you for all that they do. Be sure to share this article to show officers that you appreciate them.


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  1. Wow, this is pretty eye opening.
    You would never see that liberal funded website do any actual reporting like this.
    Great job P.
    Stay safe man.

  2. About time they do something about this.. some real winners live in my area… very unfit for the children around here. Saddens me how disgusting humans can be.

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