Police Services Board Restructuring


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier this week the Thunder Bay Police Service was found to be deemed racist by the OIPRD in a number of incompetencies and by under investigating cases involved Indigenous peoples cases, some involving death. Today the Ontario Civilian Police Commission has come to terms that the police services board has failed time and time again to properly address the Indigenous communities issues.

An independent investigation along side the report of Senator Sinclair both recommend a new administrator is to be appointed to temporarily take place of the board. You can read Senator Murray Sinclair’s report by clicking here.


Sinclair wrote that the long standing and troubling circumstances in Thunder Bay along with the police services board dismissive attitudes towards positive steps that would address these issues require bold measures to correct them. He further said that the board needs to be cognizant and capable of carrying out all of their responsibilities, which they have demonstrably show they cannot.

Thomas Lockwood has been ordered to be appointed as the adminsitrator as an emergency for a one year run. Lockwood will remain administrator until the new board has been trained and appointed. One previous board member, Don Smith, has already resigned, as of this morning.

The OIPRD along with Sinclair both recommend that no other previous board members be allowed on the new board, which include city councillors Joe Virdiramo, Brian McKinnon, chair Jackie Dojack and Don smith. Celina Reitberger is the only one allowed to return.


Mayor Bill Mauro has made no comments as of yet regarding this situation, but is expected to make comments this coming Monday.

As we are processing the data from Sinclair’s report, we will be updating this article and pounding out a couple new ones.

Stay tuned.


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  1. First step to cleaning up the streets;
    If someone is banned from their community, then they should be banned from ours. If they can’t live civilly in a small village, how in the hell are they going to cope with living in a large city.
    Get rid of the drunks, unwanted criminals and other street trash that the police deal with every day. Day in day out, the same garbage, of course your gonna start to feel a certain way towards a group of people.

    1. try using a real account instead hiding behind a fake one to be spewing cowardly suggustions that have no meaning, validity or sense. we need racional ppl offering ractional educated

  2. And this coming from someone who has multiple spellings for the word “rational” and still is unable to get it right.ANON_COWARD……..YOUR SPOT ON WITH YOUR COMMENTS.

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