Police Recieve New Type of School Threat


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Police are investigating threats involving Superior CVI and Hammarskjold high schools.

The Thunder Bay Police Service was made aware of a threat involving Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute and Hammarskjold High School after 8 am. on Tuesday, April 9.



Multiple students have told TRCCTB.COM that this time the threat came in by a note left on a bus which indicated a school shooting was imminent.

What we can infer from this information is that at least this threat has been made by a student in the city. Cameras and other means of finding out who was sitting in the seat where the note was found are expected to be utilized.


Numerous people have confirmed this information along with police. Mainstream media seems to be behind on information as usual.

Many people have been speculating that the school threats are being made by someone in another country, similar with what happened in Kingston when a person from England was calling in threats.



The following schools have been placed on a “Hold-and-secure” for precautionary reasons:

  • Algonquin Avenue Public School
  • CD Howe Public School
  • Gron Morgan Public School
  • St. James Public School
  • Vance Chapman School
  • St. Pius X Elementary School
  • Gateway
  • Bishop E.Q. Jennings Senior Elementary School
  • Corpus Christi Elementary School
  • St. Bernard Elementary School
  • Bishop Gallagher Senior Elementary School
  • St. Margaret Elementary School

Police are now at the scene and investigating. Anyone with knowledge about the specifics of the threat is urged to contact police directly at the dedicated tip line, 684-5001.


6 Replies to “Police Recieve New Type of School Threat”

  1. Nice! Now the lil tit has effed up.

    It will take a bit, but the police can review surveillance footage and see who was on the bus at that time.
    They will have to narrow it down, but at least its something to go on now.

  2. they made their first mistake, matter of time now. DNA, hand writing, images, witnesses …..

  3. Note found on the bus? DUST IT FOR PRINTS! Then finger print every kid that rides that bus and match them up! Also that audio interview gave a lot of insight on how the student feels and pretty much doesn’t seem worried at all. Not even about recess and how they would rather stay inside even when there are no threats. That’s sad. A chance to be outside playing and doesn’t even want to go outside in the first place, probably just wants to stay inside sitting down with a phone or tablet firmly in hand. Such a waste of youth. I’d give anything to be able to play outside a few times a day. These kids have no idea what they are missing by screwing around on electronics which is beyond sad! All I can say is I’m happy I was born in 1980 and got to experience outside and making our own fun.

  4. Whoever left the note isn’t too bright. A paper trail leaves a lot more clues than elusive, anonymous electronic threats. Hopefully the police can track the culprit down and put these senseless threats to rest.

  5. Although I am sure it is hard to trace a caller, it is not impossible, with the right tools and trained personnel. I would think this crime whould be labelled as an act of terrorism, and as such, there should be resources available, to not only catch the perp, but to imprison them for many years – and send a message to all future “computer geniuses” terrorists.

  6. I think it s time to call in the RCMP or something, this is rediculous. Everyone is living in fear and it is traumatic for all the young people involved. Enough is enough, this is no joke.

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