Police Investigate South Side Sudden Death


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A tipster in the 200 block of McKellar Street South has sent in some tragic information.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service are on the scene of home and investigating what residents believe is an unnatural death. The Forensic Identification Unit can also be seen parked on the street along with a number of police cruisers.


Police arrived at the scene earlier in the evening and have not left since, holding it down tight.

Further information regarding the circumstances around the death has not yet been released by police and neighbours are stuck speculating. One neighbour was reluctant to elaborate but insisted it was not a natural cause of death.

There have been a number of unnatural deaths in Thunder Bay in 2020 alone, some left without answers.


This is a developing story and we will provide further updates as more information becomes available.


2 Replies to “Police Investigate South Side Sudden Death”

  1. Wow are we going to get a death everyday that is not natural seems like it every time I read a paper there seems to be an unnatural death involved somewhere in this city a lot of them are not even mentioned between drug overdoses and beatings leading to death or out right murder. This city is going down fast and it is a shame because at one time it was real news if there was a murder or an assault now it is just a every day occurrence somewhere here in our city. Not news hardly any more because people are getting tired of hearing about it all and the next thing you know whomever committed the crime is out on bail walking the streets ready to commit their next crime. Time to buckle down in the courtrooms and not let these kind of people out so that they can do more harm to people. I feel for the police in this city because after all their hard work to capture these people they have no one in the judicial system to back them up. I hope this turns out to be a natural death and not a murder we have had enough murders here in our city. Just my opinion!!!!!!


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