Police Association Calls On Fiddler, City, Province, Feds to Step Up


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday, the union representing the Thunder Bay Police Service released a statement in response to the OIPRD findings and the label of “racist” placed on the police service. They also call on Mr. Fiddler, the City, and other levels of goverment to step in.

Below is the unaltered release.


“Thunder Bay Police Association (TBPA) response to the reports of OIPRID, M.r Gerry McNeilly and Senator Murray Sinclair.

After careful review, the membership of TBPA is taking the above-said reports very seriously and understands the expressed concerns of the Indigenous community. That said, we feel that the OIPRD report does not highlight the hard work of the TBPA members that is done on a daily basis within the community of Thunder Bay, nor does it mention the high Solve Rate for violent crimes in the city. Senator Sinclair references in his final report that TBOS ranks significantly higher than the provincial and national average for solving homicides and violent crimes, while having substantially higher call rates for service than any other similar sized city in Ontario. Will we make mistakes? Of course,we are not perfect, and we accept the responsibility for those mistakes. What we do not accept is the repeated accusations that our members are “Racist”.

The TBPA is calling on the City of Thunder Bay, Members of Parliament MP Hajdu and MP Rusnak along with MPP Rickford to address the inadequate funding policies regarding the Thunder Bay Police Service. Senator Sinclair references in his final report that the TBPS is one of the lowest funded police services in the province. The current funding policy stands at 7.9% of the City’s total budget. Mr. McNeilly has made numerous recommendations that request “Urgent” attention for more funding and manpower.


The TBPA is also calling on the Chief Coroner of Ontario, Dirk Hyer, to release the findings of the review by the York Regional Police Service into the 2017 deaths of Josiah Begg and Tammy Keeash. This is referenced in Mr. McNeilly’s report and to date Mr. Hyer has refused to release his report.

Statistically Thunder Bay continues to be one of the top ranked cities in the nation for violent crime and homicides year after year. Still there continues to be inadequate support from all levels of government to address the high rates of addiction, mental health issues, the lack of available treatment centers and lack of support for the Indigenous community in our city.

It seems easier to direct blame toward the police than it is to be part of the solution. We are calling on Mr. Fiddler, and all other Indigenous leaders to work with the police, and the City of Thunder Bay to address the issues raised in these reports.

– Thunder Bay Police Association”



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    1. Fiddler won’t come out of his hole when he hears of indigenous killing indigenous.
      As he has NO power over them.
      If they haven’t been taught right from wrong by now….

    2. G.C. Fiddler ONLY represents the Native population on the reserves , once off the reserves they are the Feds , the Province and ThunderBays responsibility . Thanks to Trudeau , there’s no accounting whether or not those that were banished or have left the reserve are still being counted as if they were still on reserve , but I’m sure the Chiefs are still collecting monies as if they were still there .

  1. I believe there was bias in both reports. None of the recommendations in the first report would lead .me to believe tbere is systemic racisim on the force.

  2. I was so hoping i would hear this from them. They need to stand up and fight for what they believe in. There is so much truth to what this statement says. We do have a large amount of violent crime, we do have low funding. You cant throw fire at someone and just expect them to take it…Good for you TBPS on this decision.

  3. fiddler is a joke, he wont even acknowledge this….. if it doesnt give him a reason to cry racism he isnt interested!!

  4. Fiddler needs to be removed! HE is part of the problem. Sitting back getting rich while his people suffer. His people should be all over him and demand solutions or GET OUT!

  5. I want to thank the Thunder Bay Police for all the hard work they do for everyone. More often than not it is a thankless job and the police are denied the support and resources they need to do their job. Contrary to the propaganda and verbal diarrhea spewed out by certain individuals and the media, our police department is second to none. People would be wise to start investigating the facts before they criticize and crucify our police and city. I notice how quickly the media including national networks is informed of all the negative allegations about our police and our city as being racist but I wonder why there was such minimal coverage as to the alleged suspect. Was it because he is supposedly Indigenous and not a non native? Racism does exist in Thunder Bay but the real racists here are the ones that are incessantly accusing the non native members of it. I believe people in Thunder Bay have had their giant heart split open by all lies and myths spread about by the racist perpetrators who stand to loose much if the truth be known. The ones rejecting their part of the responsibility are very ones that need to be held accountable for the actions they so quickly condemn.

  6. We don’t see Fiddler questioning Beggs parents as or why they let their 14 year old kid wonder around a large new city alone in the middle of the night.
    Or why the friends of Keeash left her alone drunk and or why one of the so called friends was found to have her cell phone days later.
    Time to start telling the whole story on these incidents rather than the biased half.

    1. I’m curious as to how someone earns the name “Fiddler”. Is this dude in an orchestra? Maybe a book keeper, or worse?

  7. I think it’s unfair that the report did not acknowledge the great work the TBPS has done for this city in the past. Presently I see a divided city that can’t work together. If everyone stopped pointing fingers and acknowledge we have a problem here maybe you can all work together cohesively as a unit and get your jobs done. If the police can’t do their job because they lack resources or money the city needs to do more. Regardless of color or race you are all recommended to work together. I’m just saying do your jobs and don’t make the racist issues a priority. All deaths should be thoroughly investigated and why the Coroner refuses to give those reports is mind boggling. So when does working together begin or are we still just seeing invites to a table that still doesn’t exist.

    1. Loops wrote:
      Presently I see a divided city that can’t work together. If everyone stopped pointing fingers and acknowledge we have a problem here maybe you can all work together cohesively as a unit and get your jobs done.

      Everyone knows we have problems here. The issue at hand, is your Chief never takes responsibility for his own. He’s the worst finger pointer there is. I would suggest sending your statement to Fidler. See what he says.

  8. fiddler should be held accountable for his peoples actions, he clearly isnt giving them the help they need or deserve. these chiefs take all the money and dont give a shit about their people. we need a expense report to show ere all this money they get goes……

    1. That (accounting for the money) has been tried before with other FN’s. When asked…where did the money go… they usually get pissed off and start bitching about self government.
      The Feds should start demanding a paper trail before handing more money to band councils.

    2. A perfect example of this would be Theresa Spence from Attawapiskat.
      Did we EVER hear the final outcome as to where all of that money went? Nope. It was brushed under the carpet. I wonder why that keeps happening?

  9. We cannot expect the police to solve the problems of poverty, substance abuse, inadequate housing, slum lords preying on the poor, and other issues plaguing the Indiginous and no Indiginous citizens of this city. The TBPS does not have the numbers or resources. Fiddler should stop with the racist rhetoric and work with First Nations, the three levels of government to try to find solutions to the aforementioned problems of this Indiginous population of this city instead of simply making inflammatory accusations against our police that only arouse animosity towards those who actually need help. So much police resources are being consumed by the Indiginous population that they have little time it seems to deal with other important aspects of police work such as traffic enforcement.

  10. Thumbs Up to the Association for taking a proper stand on this. In today’s climate, it’s “expected” to just take the browbeating and live with it, even though the majority (albeit the silent majority for the most part) absolutely agree with you.

  11. stand up to these clowns, we are no more racist than they are!!! it has nothing to do with race is has to do with there poeple acting like drunken a**holes in thunder bay!! its like i tell my children if you want to act like clowns you’ll be treated like clowns, act resposible and you’ll get respect in return!!!

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