Pizza Scene in Thunder Bay Gets a Shake Up


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Topper’s Pizza first opened in Thunder Bay just a few years back and they came in to much fanfare.
Thunder Bay has a very wide-ranging and diverse local pizza shop environment. Topper’s is now said to be closing by the end of August. Below are some of the pizzas they had to compete with. UPDATE: Topper’s in Thunder Bay is now permanently closed. We noticed on August 28th, 2019z
Below is Eat Local’s perogie pizza. Eat Local requires no introduction as the company has a large presence in the city due to their charitable donations and constant contributions to events and causes. The perogie pizza contains 3000 calories of local perogies, honey caramelized onions, local deli bacon, slow cooked heavy cream sauce and extra old Gouda from a cool Dutch cheese from just outside Thunder Bay. You can try one of these out by dialing 767-0000

Zed’s is another big favourite in Thunder Bay. They are a small local business run by great people. Their signature pizza is the “Zeds” which contains Pepperoni, Bacon, Onion, Mushrooms and Green Pepper, is shown below. You can try this amazing pizza by dialing 622-6660.

Franki’s Pizzeria is yet another locally owned and operated pizza shop with amazing people. Below is their signature pizza called “Franks”. It contains Pepperoni, Onion, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Green Olives, Bacon. You can try this pizza out by dialing 768-7242.

Stans Pizzeria and Spahetti House. This place is a long-standing Thunder Bay staple. Their “Thunder Cape” pizza is unmatched anywhere in the known universe. It contains Pepperoni, Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Bacon, Ham, Salami, Ground Beef, Green Olives And Mozzarella Cheese. It truly is amazing and is available in a coffee table dominating “jumbo” size. Call 346-2758 to try one out. “Thunder Cape” pictured below.

Tony Roma’s, you typically don’t think “pizza” when you think of this locally owned restaurant when you hear their name. Although it is a franchise of an international chain, they are run just like a small business and over 90% of their food, sauces and their entire pizza lineup is made from scratch. Never frozen. Check out their pulled pork pizza which is on for $16. They are on Skip the Dishes if you want to try one out.

There are numerous other places that have amazing local pizza such as Golden Bakery, Mama Alfa’s, I could go on forever. I consider myself somewhat of a pizza connoisseur. I believe pizza is a very dynamic food and every pizza place can have their own taste and be just as good as each other.
I’m not sure what pushed Topper’s to have to close down at the end of August, but I can say that I didn’t order from them because they didn’t deliver to my north side residence. Golden Bakery gets s Golden Star in this area, as I used to live on Clover Beach Road and they would deliver all the way out there, at 2am, from their location on James and Frederica.
I had Topper’s Pizza twice when they opened. I really liked the pizza but didn’t like that they would not deliver it to me.
Whats your favourite pizza and pizza shop in Thunder Bay? Share your thoughts in the comments.
None of these pizza shops sponsored this article or paid anything to have their businesses mentioned. This is just me sharing my opinion.


8 Replies to “Pizza Scene in Thunder Bay Gets a Shake Up”

  1. I need more local info. I usually travel through Thunder Bay and I usually just hit the fast food pizza joints. I would prefer to eat pizza from local businesses.

  2. My husband refuses to order from anywhere except Stan’s Pizzeria on Cumberland Street and I can’t say I blame him as I too just love love love their pizza and we always order the largest size “JUMBO” “THUNDRRCAPE SPECIAL” and have never once been disappointed. Having said that it is not cheap but then again nor are the mountains of quality ingredients they put on your pizza. You never have to ask for double ingredients. The price reflects the quality food you will receive and when they say it is thin crust, it is as that is all they make. Truthfully we have never tried some of the other local pizzas you describe above, but some of them we have never heard of so perhaps some better advertising in the north side is in order.
    I also want to mention their very tasty yet mild sauce because I personally find that my likes or dislikes of a pizza generally start with the sauce. Hopefully others will describe their favourite pizzas and why so that maybe some of us will have enough info to be able to order from a new place to give it a try.

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