Pino Demasi Gets Pulled Over and Charged


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another incident today involving a vehicle, possibly CTB related.

Pino Demasi was headed down Trowbridge Road to investigate a vehicle that was reported to be upside down in the ditch.


Upon noticing the vehicle, he slowed down and passed the vehicle safely.

A member of the Ontario Provincial Police spotted Demasi and turned around to initiate a traffic stop.

Demasi stopped the vehicle and spoke with the officer, admitting his licence is suspended. The officer requested a breath sample from Demasi as the smell of alcohol was just emanating from his big mouth.


Demasi, who is clearly fat, sweaty and breathing heavily at this time, supplied his breath and blew a 0.019. 0.080 is the point where an impaired charge is laid. Demasi was not impaired.

Demasi was charged with the following offence:

  • Driving while suspended.

He was released with a future court date.


30 Replies to “Pino Demasi Gets Pulled Over and Charged”

  1. Why are you driving with a suspended license? I’m sure you have enough friends to drive you where you want to go. And what was the reason they pulled you over? They must have a reason.

    1. Nice to know Pino f’s up like the rest of us I’m glad he admits to it, makes fun of his description and also suggests it could be CTC related. He treated himself just like any other person he writes about. Nice job. That’s why you’re news is the best. No one is immune to his journalisms. I also lmfao

  2. Pino, you can’t be getting into trouble like that…..YOUR our news source…
    Get your license cleared and when your on the job, save the drink until after your jobs done…..
    Pino, your a great reporter, keep up the good work informing us of things we won’t normally hear about…

    1. Absolutely correct Elna. Good luck Pino. Hope you straighten out your personal affairs and keep up the good work. There’s room for improvement, but you’re on the right track.

  3. Writing about yourself in third-person is the mark of a true idiot. Driving without a licence is another mark of an IDIOT as a concerned citizen I think you should sincerely apologize to your readership instead of giving everyone the finger. My finger is pointing right back at you, law-breaker!

    1. Lighten up all you cantankerous negative nellies. Pino may not be your ideal of a reporter but he does get the details out. Much more informative than those other two bit Good News Rags, one of which actually expects you to pay for it.

  4. Pino!:

    You’ve appeared to have contracted “fingeritis”. Next will be baggy sweat pants and a Chicago Bulls hoody.

    1. Yes! Janis posted up above and didnt quite get the connection.
      Pino was just showing us the standard “hood” selfie.
      I loved it.
      Good luck with it all Pino.

  5. 1990 called they are pressing charges for rocking a soul patch in 2019 for longer than one week.

  6. The true mark of an idiot. Grow up, Pino. I am really curious as to why your license was suspended in the first place. You should be embarrassed.

  7. Like I always say…karma is one f—–g bitch. What goes around comes around. For Pino its going to come around more than most.

  8. If it weren’t for Pino naming names, in Fort Frances we wouldn’t know who the bad guys are.
    Neither the local newspaper or radio station we used the names from the OPP report.

    Pino, if you get some jail time, remember not to drop the soap 🧼 in the shower!!!!

  9. I love Pino 🙂 he is the only one to go out there and speak the truth about what is really going on in this city. Good luck to you Pino!!

  10. Annie, Janis, Taylor, Char
    It would be much appreciated if you’s would keep your negative comments about Pino or mistakes he has made to yourselves because believe me none of Pino’s readers and supporters are one bit interested in what any of you’s have to say.
    If you don’t like Pino or don’t like his reporting or just want to wish bad karma on him then just stay off this site.
    I have a feeling some of you have been reported on by Pino which is why you’s are rearing your ugly heads about this.
    Anyways we like Pino and his reporting as he is the only source of truthful reporting in this town and we his readers want to be kept informed as much as possible so go read the inferior other news reporting agencies in this town and leave Pino out of your nasty, sarcastic remarks.

    1. LOL. I don’t commit crimes but okay.

      This is a public site, I have every right to post my opinion here. Pino has been very adamant about free speech and all that soooo.

      To be honest, I used to follow the FB page but one day he decided it was okay to make fun of someone who clearly didn’t speak English as a first language.

      I just don’t understand why each news report has to have some sort of insulting quip about the person he is reporting on. Is it necessary? Yes he is providing more information than other media outlets, but why does he have to include MORE cynicism? Just write the damn story.

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