(PHOTOS) – Serious Collision, Suspect Flees The Scene


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – At approximately 8:15 am this morning, as children are walking to school and parents are driving to work, a serious collision happened in a school zone.
An eyewitness on location tells us that a minivan came barrelling down Clarkson Avenue, blowing the stop sign at Windsor Street which resulted in the minivan slamming into two other vehicles.
All three vehicles sustained serious damage. The roadway is covered in numerous amounts of debris.
At this point, the driver of the minivan got out of the vehicle and looked very confused. The suspect then walked away from the scene of the collision, fleeing from police contact.
People in the area believe the person had to be either drunk or high. The way the person was acting was certainly showing signs of intoxication.
Superior North EMS, Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue and Thunder Bay Police Service arrived on scene shortly after. Police have started a search for the suspect.
Paramedics took an elderly lady to the hospital with what is believed to be non-life threatening injuries. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue had to use the jaws of life to extract the woman from her vehicle.
Please avoid the area until it is cleared up. Below are photos we had submitted to us by “H”.



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  1. Probably just another cokehead at the wheel. But he dont need to worry cause even if he does kill someone he will just get a soft lecture and soon be right back doing the same stuff. The laws in this country are a farce. Here you can kill some one and be back on the street in less than 5 years. Something very wrong when the criminal gets punished lightly for a few years and families pay for the rest of their life because of some creeps actions.

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