OVERDOSED AND ARRESTED: Narcan Shots and Police Car Rides


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We have another overdose to report on, this time in a parking lot near Memorial and Central.

A blue Ford Fusion was in the parking lot near the Power Centre and a male roughly 20-years-old had overdosed on the carfentanil-fentanyl-heroin mix called “purple down”. A female was with him and Narcan’d him but he did not regain consciousness immediately.

The Thunder Bay Police Service along with Superior North EMS paramedics responded to the scene.

The male placed into the back of a Thunder Bay Police Service cruiser as the woman was seen arguing with the police at this point. Gary’s Towing arrived on location shortly after and towed the male’s car. The female was left to wander off into the area.

We are not certain but it appears the male was taken into police custody, as police also took a “grey box” from the vehicle and placed it into the cruiser. Normally police do not arrest people when they are responding to an overdose in part because they do not want people to be scared to call 911 for overdoses.

Always remember your Narcan/Naloxone kit when you are out doing drugs. Ask your pharmacist about how you can get a free kit and training on how to use and safest practices for using, such as the buddy system.

Better yet, reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 684-1880 and ask them about how you can start your path to sobriety. You can also speak to the staff at the Overdose Prevention Site on Simpson Street as they can steer you down the path of recovery as well.


13 Replies to “OVERDOSED AND ARRESTED: Narcan Shots and Police Car Rides”

  1. Ughhh WHY REVIVE THEM??? This narcan stuff has got to go so people can be afraid of using drugs and knowing they can die if they take them. What is the point of all of this? Revive them just so they can go and do it all over again? It’s time to thin the herd because this is getting ridiculous!

    1. totally agree, and even get rid of the safe injection sites as well. Everything is geared free for the drug abusers but where is the free medicine and needles for diabetics, or EPI for people with high allergies. Enough is enough.

    2. It really disgusts me how individuals can speak about addicts in this way. Addiction is scientifically proven to be one of the many diseases one can suffer from (ie: diabetes, cancer, etc.) It’s all about the “sober” individuals (who probably suffer with addiction in their own way with work, exercise, food, etc.) until someone they love falls into the darkness of addiction. Educate yourselves before making ruthless comments that make you look simply uneducated and biased. Funny how one reacts when the table turns.

  2. Quit reviving these people. What a waste of time and resources. They bought the drugs, Leave them be!!

  3. Why do the police always call Gary’s Towing and then they tow it to their lot instead of the police lot. It cost the person $30.00 a day to get it out.. My son’s vehicle was stolen and it was taken there he did not have fire and theft. At one time our police would take it to their lot and you would pick it up no charge what do our local police have going with the local towing companies? It is still there and i had just spent $9,000.00 fixing it before it was stolen I wish someone would look into this. It doesn’t seem fair

    1. I agree with you totally and try to get your personal stuff out of the car no way. It is a total rip off for sure. My son had his car towed there and it took him a couple of months and lots of money just to get his belongings back and they still have the car what a time to get his stuff back it is so unfair. If there is no hold on the car you can usually get it right away for about 350.00 dollars and if you pay that and do not take it right away they charge you by the day. As far as I am concerned it is nothing but a total scam.

  4. I don’t get it. “Free narcan or naxalone kit. Just ask your pharmacist.” Yet we, as hard working people, don’t have access to our own drugs for free? A drug addict can get a naxalone kit for free, yet for something like drugs for diabetics or even something as simple as birth control, we have to pay for those…and these drug addicts can ask for this with no cost out of pocket? Is this where tax dollars go? This needs to change.

  5. It is extremely sad to think that the only way to rid a problem is to let these drug users die, but right now there is no other solution that exists. ( No more drug users, no more drug dealers, no more manufacturers ) It is all about supply and demand.
    I remember when wearing a seat belt became mandatory, it was enforced and still is. This was a big change, and took getting used too, but after some time it became a normal part of getting in a vehicle when driving or being a passenger. ( there is the exception to a number of idiots that still exist )
    Now I believe that laws need to change dramatically, and these laws need to change now. For instance there are countries in this world that have severe penalties for users, dealers, and manufacturers. We need to follow by example, from immediate long term jail time for users caught with drugs to life in prison to death penalty to dealers and manufacturers. Eventually these laws will deter anyone from breaking these laws. If one is not deterred by these laws , consequences will prevail. This is just my opinion, people will agree and disagree, but for those who disagree please find the answer.

  6. I have to agree and disagree at the same time if they make it to the hospital and are treated with Narcan then that is good but to supply it free of charge I do not think that is good but that is the way the system works. Just makes me angry that these addicts can get all this free of charge and the people that really need help like the diabetics and people with other health issues have to pay through the nose to get the help that they need. You cannot even get free stuff to quit smoking and yet they are always harping on quit smoking but addicts can go and get free kits with needles and everything that they need including the drug Narcan I just do not think that it is fair at all. And once they have had a scare they go back and do it all over again. There is no changing them unless they want to change themselves. I give 100% credit to the ones that have overcome their addictions and hope that other can follow their footsteps.

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