OVERDOSE: Oddfellows Narcan Shots and Cocaine


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A south side overdose had woken up the south downtown core to a disturbing scene.
A male was overindulging in some recreational cocaine and possibly various other drugs early this morning around 5:00 am. The incident unfolded at the Oddfellows, which is located near the corner of May and George.
The 30-year-old male became unresponsive which sparked up the pipe of concern amongst his friends. They administered Narcan to the male in hopes he would snap out of it, but he did not become responsive.
Upon arrival of first responders, most of his friends fled the scene. Our source, stuck within ear shot and made sure their buddy was going to be ok. Firefighters were first on location and started CPR.
Paramedics arrived shortly after and took over the situation. The male was loaded up in the ambulance and shipped off to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department where he will be monitored by the hard-working staff. He is expected to live.
Narcan is a drug that is provided for free at most pharmacies but is paid for by our government. It is used to temporarily reverse opiate overdose symptoms long enough for a medical professional to attend the situation. Narcan does not “absorb” drugs out of your body. The drug just temporarily blocks opiates from impacting you, once the Narcan wears off, all the drugs in your system will hit you again. Don’t use drugs alone, have a friend with you and make sure there is plenty of Narcan around.
Thinking about sobering up? Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask them how you can start the journey to sobriety.


9 Replies to “OVERDOSE: Oddfellows Narcan Shots and Cocaine”

  1. I really am starting to feel bad for the EMT’S, doctors and nurses. They work SO hard all the time to save lives and then this…this happens!! It must feel terrible for these workers do do all they can to bring the person back to life just to know that the person is going to be running back out there to use drugs and return back to the hospital on deaths door. All the medical teams hard work goes straight down the toilet!! So these people have access to clean needles and warm supervised places to do drugs but at the end of the day what does it matter? So they don’t get HEP C, AIDS or HIV BUT they end up with MASSIVE brain damage from constantly dying. What a screwed up world we live in!

    1. While I with some of your comment, what about people who have diabetes, cancer, heart conditions etc. They may require numerous visits a year. Before you come back with ” drugs addicts go back to using”, same could possibly said for the three examples I gave. The diabetic could continue to abuse sugars, foods that are “white” (bread,rice, potatoes etc). the cancer patient could continue to smoke or go back to smoking. And the patient with heart conditions could continue to over eat, smoke, don’t exercise, get stressed out etc. Same goes for other possible medical conditions having continuing visits back to the Emerg. should they refuse to follow the orders of doctors, abuse or refuse their meds, stop any bad habits that got them to the Emerg. in the 1st place. I would be almost 100% positive that an addict doesn’t use their choice of drug to deliberately overdose. They just don’t know when to stop, use too much at one time or are not really sure of what the drug could be laced with. This is what an addict faces when “chasing the dragon”.

    2. You got that right Narcan for a first and second overdose is ok but what and when is the point to giving them this if they are never going to learn. Sucks and sad at the Same time.

    3. Yeah, what a messed up world, where people argue that it would be better to let a person with problems die from an overdose. Your opinion is an ignorant one.

    4. You got that right crying for more money for addicts who never learn. That money could best be spent elsewhere than on someone who does not care nor want help.

    5. Obviously you have no idea how addiction works and further to that when is a life not worth saving. How can you measure that by the emerg visits and emt calls?

  2. Let him or her die! Need to make an example out of these people, once they figure out that the public are not responsible for their drug habits, then, so be it! SET AN EXAMPLE!!

  3. Please don’t bring diabetics to this example I’m diabetic and find it offensive to use diabetics examples of drug abuse , I don’t do drugs but people that do crack are people too and there needs more rehab centers here and a lot of people selling these harsh drugs are dirt bags that really don’t give a shit if more people cared and got rid of these so called dummy’s maybe the streets would be safer just saying

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