OVERDOSE: Narcan’d on Finlayson Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A notorious and well known drug house in the 100 block of Finlayson Street had not only police attention but medical attention as well.

A male had overdosed in the residence, which sent the group of drug dealers working out of the home scrambling to collect all their drugs and paraphernalia.


The male was completely unresponsive at the time our source of this information was at the residence. City police had entered the building and it is unknown if the male had survived or succumbed to their overdose.

Nonody was assisting the male at the time, but it is likely the police administered Narcan to the male. This male is a well-known local drug dealer. We are waiting for further updates regarding this situation.

If you are going to use drugs please use the buddy system and be ready to Narcan your friend should they stop breathing. Ask your pharmacist for more information about how to get a free Narcan kit.


Thinking about sobering up? Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 684-1880 and ask about what your next steps are to recovery.

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5 Replies to “OVERDOSE: Narcan’d on Finlayson Street”

    1. No kidding. What part of drug DEALER wasn’t understood here. Is everyone blind to the fact that there are KIDS as young as 14 hooking in that area because some DEALER like this one keeps them just high enough to do their “job” so they can control them with drugs. What is wrong with this city. Cops control the area and do nothing. How about raiding these houses, picking up the johns and posting everyones pic in the newspaper. I am sick to death of nothing being done to stop all the drug trafficking in Thunder Bay. Mandatory detox and councelling of your butt gets thrown in jail for a 5 year minimum term. so many are repeat offenders and they get a smack on the wrist and are back out on the streets in no time. And as far as a new jail. Let it be self sufficient with the inmates growing their own food and maintenance.

  1. What I can’t understand is how EVERYONE knows how potent these drugs are yet they still run out and use the crap. Oh ya, because the antidote is free and easily available. I know like I sound like a broken record here but maybe…JUST MAYBE..if their happened to be a shortage of the antidote and a few people died maybe it would make people think twice about doing these drugs. The other thing that bothers me is the woman that take these drugs and then get knocked up and have babies. And you know damn well they ALWAYS have more than 1 because making babies is fun and pays LARGE! Just think about what kind of people those kids are going to grow up to be. Every other kid these days has ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder….why? Why are all these kids duds lately? Because of poor choices the parents made…and WE all get to PAY for these junkies problem children! Like I said, narcan shortage and let the problem fix itself!

  2. Why does everyone blame DRUGS, And Everyone has an demon inside them, No one is perfect…. And Thunder Bay is so Racism anyways….

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