OVERDOSE: Narcan Shots on East Victoria


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As the opiate epidemic rages on throughout North America, so do overdoses and the harm they cause to communities.
Shortly before 4:00 pm a person had overdosed in the 400 block of East Victoria Avenue. The suspected family of drugs is opiates.
Narcan was administered by a citizen and upon coming to, the overdosee stumbled and struck their head.

Paramedics quickly arrived on location and hauled the person off to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where our hard working and amazing medical staff monitored their recovery. The person is expected to live.
Narcan is a drug provided for free but paid for by the government. This drug (Narcan) temporarily reverses overdose symptoms so that medical professionals have more time to make contact with the victim. Narcan does not absorb drugs from your system, it only temporarily blocks opiates from having an effect. The Narcan soon wears off and the drugs will once again swarm over the person. Many people think taking Narcan means they can do more drugs, which is causing more overdoses. This is not the case, you are killing yourself.
Get help. Thunder Bay Counselling Centre can help you get on the path of recovery and sobriety. Call them today at 807-684-1880. They are non-judgemental and super caring. Give them a call today.
Photo only for illustrative purposes only, not of actual incident.


5 Replies to “OVERDOSE: Narcan Shots on East Victoria”

  1. No, Narcan is paid for out of working people ‘s tax dollars. I had to go through random drug testing in order to earn my money , pay taxes so some of that tax money can go to save drug users. Ironic isn’t it. There should be a limit on each person’s use of narcan. It is getting to be a joke.

  2. Love the fact that these degenerates can get yet another thing free( at the tax payers expense) yet people with life threatening allergies have to pay big dollars for an epi pen!! Great job Canada!! Why don’t we try helping the people that want to live productive lives and be useful members of society!!

  3. In the USA a dose of Narcan costs $150. Maybe it’s time for Canada to start charging for the stuff because clearly it isn’t helping the situation and doing nothing but enabling these junkies. Mark my words; when people start dropping like flies perhaps it will open other users eyes on how dangerous it is to use this crap and they’ll think twice and MAYBE decide to get into rehab and NA meetings. People aren’t BORN addicted to drugs! People CHOOSE to try drugs, and then if they like it they CHOOSE do drugs. I have very little sympathy for these people because I’ve tried MANY, in fact I’ve tried them all! The only thing I managed to get addicted to was cigarettes, mostly because I work full-time and couldn’t take drugs that keep you up all night or drugs that don’t wear off by 8AM. That’s the other part if it, these people need to get off their asses and get a job! When people are busy working they typically don’t have time to get high everyday because you cannot be screwed up on the job. Anyway that’s my suggestion, get a job, and the government needs to start charging $150 per dose because the ONLY way things will change is with drastic measures.

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