OVERDOSE: Kam River Park Narcan Shots


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night, a real concerning situation unfolded in the city’s south side.

A woman was found unresponsive with clear signs of drug abuse scattered around her. The person who located the woman, ran to the shelter house to obtain a Narcan kit while a 911 call was made.


First responders arrived before the person returned from the shelter house. At this point the overdosed woman had already started turning blue as whatever life she had left in her body was slowly slipping away.

A shot of Narcan was administered to the woman in her late 20’s, but it was not enough, she was still unresponsive. A second shot of the overdose reversing drug was given, which resulted in her natural skin tone returning to her face and life rushing back into her body. She was revived.

The woman was sent to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department where she will be monitored by medical professionals for about a few hours before being released.


Narcan is a drug that temporarily reverses symptoms of an opiate overdose. The government pays for these kits so they are handed out for free at pharmacies, the shelter house and other locations. Ask you pharmacist about how you can obtain a Narcan kit and free training on how to use it. If you suspect someone is overdosing, dial 911.

Are you or someone you know thinking about getting off drugs? Consider contacting the good people at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre. They have friendly, trained staff that will help you with your journey to sobriety. Call today at 807-684-1880.

(Photo not of incident, only for illustrative purposes.)


4 Replies to “OVERDOSE: Kam River Park Narcan Shots”

  1. There were 2 other OD’s just off of McKenzie between 4:30 and 4:40, with multiple police, fire and ambulance attending. All drugs are bad but it seems there is another high potency strain going around again. The unfortunate thing is what if there was a fire or another call that these resources were tied up and times delayed and something tragic happened? It’s time to make people responsible for this, I get it’s a problem an addiction but it’s also a choice and until something happens to one of you because of a delayed call you will get why this is being said… now start the bashing…

  2. The sad thing is these people get a hit, feel good pass out…almost die.
    Then they wake up in the ER ,or ICU..and it’s like “what happened”
    Answer ” you overdosed again ”
    They are like ” I don’t remember anything”
    They get a sandwich , might get a lecture or some councilling if they wait around or seek it out ..
    Then it’s back to their life …their circle of associates and very likely another overdose.
    Until ..that is…someone doesn’t get there in time.
    It’s a downward doom spiral..

  3. This crisis has gone on too long. There is no reason why the government cant end this if they really wanted to. First the politicians have to quit scratching their heads and saying how awful it is, earn their paychecks and DO something about it . Second they need to open facilities such as the LPH or other buildings to house the addicts so they can receive the help they need. Currently the wait list and treatment cost is unconscionable. This epidemic cant be swept under the carpet. It affects us all one way or the other. Either taxes or crime or lost productivity as well as loss of lives. .Third the politicians and social workers and our judicial system need to work together need to actually implement a plan to get the addicts into a treatment centre. The narcan band aid treatment is a failure. It just prolongs the misery to the addicts and the expense to the taxpayers. Medicine Hat Alberta eliminated homelessness about 2 years ago and the EMS, Police Services and ER visits were drastically reduced. That saves a huge ton of money for the city and taxpayers. Ontario and the rest of this country needs to get the rose coloured glasses off and deal with this human tragedy like immediately if not sooner.

  4. Pamela you are so right and as I have said for a long time the LPH is a big hospital and should be turned into a treatment place for these addicts. I realize that addiction is an illness but without getting a place for these people to go it is just a waste of taxpayers money for sure. The LPH could have an emergency of their own for these people to be taken to and take some of the stress off of our emergency department at the hospital where people that are really sick can get the attention and the room that they need. If the ones sent to the treatment centre are bad enough then they can be transported to the hospital emerg we have so many wasted places here that could be used to help these addicts out it is a crying shame. I have said for years not that the LPH should be put to use they have all the facilities there for taking these people in and trying to do something for them. If the government would only open up their eyes and try to do something for these people then that would be a blessing for sure. But obviously they are not going to all they want to do is line their own pockets and if it is not suitable for them then why try to help the sick out. The LPH is just another place to go to waste. Why do something useful with it that would never do at all. Get off your high horses you people in government and start looking after your own instead of bringing in more people and giving them all the free handouts I think it is time that you cleaned up your own back yards here in Canada and look after your own before bringing in more people for free handouts. Our people need help do something about it!!!!!!!

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