OVERDOSE, Church Steps on Mackenzie


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A early morning overdose rocked the McKenzie Street area around 4:00 am.

The area is no stranger to drug overdoses, violent crime, trap houses and general criminal activity.

Sources indicate that a male in his mid 30’s overdosed on heroin, likely laced with fentanyl, on church stairs.

The incident is said to have happened at the corner of Cameron and McKenzie. A passerby administered Narcan to the man but fled the scene before first responders arrived.

The male was revived and sent to the Thunder Bay Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department (The Hilton) to be monitored by medical professionals before being released likely hours later. He is expected to survive.

Are you sick and tired of waking up surrounded by paramedics and other first responders after being narcanned? Want to get sober? Call the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask about your recovery options.

Narcan is a free drug, paid for by your tax dollars that can sometimes temporarily reverse overdose symptoms. Health officials recommend drug users consume drugs while using the buddy system and always have Narcan on site. It’s further recommended to always call 911 if you suspect a overdose has occurred.

Narcan is available at any pharmacy. Ask your pharmacist for a free Narcan kit and training.


5 Replies to “OVERDOSE, Church Steps on Mackenzie”

  1. It is so sad that it has come down to this kind of stuff that you have to carry a Narcan kit around in case of an overdose when are these people ever going to learn that it is not cool to do drugs. But that is their life and if they do not want to change it then that is their choice. Hopefully this fellow will be ok it is a good thing there was someone close to give him the Narcan and call the paramedics he does not know how lucky he is.

    1. There not going to learn.
      There just gonna shoot their junk and go post up on church steps.
      That way if they go tits up they know someone’s gonna bring em back.
      At least they were kind enough to do it on the church steps.
      If the inevitable took place all they would have had to do was drag him inside, quick funeral, send em packing.
      With a little luck, maybe next time.

  2. If he was on the church steps, the passerby should have let “god” deal with the drugger. Let’s see how effective “divine” interventions is?

  3. I was over there today and the needles used in the naloxone kit were just sitting there with no caps on them along with 4 unused rigs an empty naloxone bag a breathing tube and a pair of glasses. I understand that the church has been bought and will soon have a fence around it as it is being converted to rentals but i dont know why there has never been a sharps bin there. I appreciate them reviving the sick person but them leaving pointy rigs there and all that shit is totally stupid.

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