OVERDOSE: Algoma Street Mouth Foaming


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another concerning event has unfolded in the city’s north side this evening.
Residents in the area have tipped us off to a male that was terrorizing the neighbourhood while on the verge of or possibly during an overdose.
”Around 9 pm the guy was walking around 93 Algoma Street South. He was very agitated and getting violent as he had a white bucket in hand. He was walking up to billboards in parking lots, gurgling, growling and foaming at the mouth.”
“He then threw his shoes in the middle of the road, walked bare foot around and even went right into the middle of the road himself, and then threw a rock through a window at 93 Algoma Street South. He did fall unconscious and was laying outside of 93 Algoma Street. Unconscious for about 3 minutes before residents came out and noticed him.”

“They tried to get him up, and the phone call was already in progress with EMS and the people who came out of 93 Algoma were frantically pacing around, asking each other “DOES ANYONE HAVE NARCAN?!””
“They ended up picking him up, he was BARELY conscious, and were basically dragging him down Wilson Street. By the time EMS and the police showed up, which was only less than 10 minutes after he passed out, he was no where to be found.”
The overdosee was spotted being dragged down Wilson street, possibly by people he knew. It is uncertain if first responders ever made contact with him. Two paramedic vehicles and two police cruisers responded to the scene.

Narcan is a drug that temporarily reverses overdose symptoms. It is free at almost any pharmacy. The government pays for it. Narcan does not absorb any drugs from your system, it just temporarily blocks the drugs from impacting you. When the Narcan wears off, the drugs begin to flow through your system again. It is important to seek medical attention immediately.
Thinking about sobering up? Reach out to the good people at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask about how you can start your recovery.
Quotes and images provided by Superior Watchdogs.