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(OPINION) – For everyone who has an answer to Thunder Bay’s racial epidemic, first ask yourself what is the question? Is it alcoholism? is drug addiction? is it homelessness? is it poverty? is it racism? Or is it sheer ignorance?

People talk like some natives in Thunder Bay have a choice when it comes to living on the streets, drinking, drugging, and living in poverty.


Do you think they were born that way? Came out of the womb drunk? Hooked on drugs? Lying? Stealing? Feeling less than? No!!! Everybody’s born equal without any knowledge of this world. Its the people that take care of us that make is who we are…and that’s the sad part.

People talk about residential schools and say ‘get over it’, ‘that happened a long time ago’, ‘look at all the help there is for them and they still wont change’.

It’s true that it was a long time ago and its true that there are many avenues for people to get help and assistance for their problems…but how can someone ask for help when they don’t know they have a problem?


Natives who attended residential school lost their parents, their homes, their friends, their families, and their communities and their identity. We can’t change that fact. Their loss and misery was then replaced by alcohol because it took away that pain…each child thereafter lived through the trauma of residential school and had no guidance like a select few did (everyone else who had loving parents to care for them).

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Its easy to keep fighting, but so hard to make peace. Empathy is seeing out of someone else’s eyes…compassion is acting on it. Have a great and blessed day my chumz.

– Sterling Finlayson


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  1. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
    There’s no solution to the ongoing issue here. Everyone just blames everyone else for other peoples actions. Everyone talks about racism, but few of us actually know what that is.
    I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in the hospital and all I heard from down the hall was “you fuc#king whitey – you fucking white trash, blah blah blah.” I could hear the nurse/doctors telling “Andrea” to calm down or they would call security. To me, that’s racism.
    When someone voices their opinion on the ongoing issues with alcohol and the Natives, that’s NOT racism. Don’t get me wrong – I know it exists on both sides of the fence – but I tend to see it more on one side than the other.
    Also, you’re incorrect on being born with a bottle in their hand – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Which brings me to my opening sentence. Alcohol was here long before the residential school fiasco – which was started by both the Government and Indian Affairs.

  2. “Do you think they were born that way? Came out of the womb drunk? Hooked on drugs?”

    Talk to a paediatric nurse and you realize how that’s factually more of a statement than question unfortunately.

    The people also won’t seek help when characters like Alvin Fiddler are doing their damndest to put the blame on everyone else and deflect any longstanding issues there clearly are. I cannot speak first hand about the students coming to town, but there are several opportunities to include information either via orientation or for the school to take the time to meet these students one on one to prospectively offer help/advice, subsequently doing a proactive approach to taking care of their own.

    Just my two cents, which doesn’t buy much these days..

  3. “ No!!! Everybody’s born equal without any knowledge of this world. Its the people that take care of us that make is who we are…and that’s the sad part.”
    People that take care of you eh bud.. Are you referring to the/your parents? Cause that would make sense.. but ur not, your referring to the citizens of Thunder Bay; More specifically the TBPS and government officials.
    So who makes you who you are?
    Do you or do I ?

  4. Do you think they were born that way? Came out of the womb drunk? Hooked on drugs? Yes many are. The parents fault…drinking and doing drugs while pregnant. They have no respect for the unborn. The kids will grow up and do the same thing by example… Other races of people treat their unborn with utmost respect, why can’t they? Nobody to blame but themselves, and until they stand up on their own, nothing will change.

  5. there should be some kind of screening to let new citizens into thunder bay, if you cant be a good person you shouldnt be allowed to make the rest of us suffer for your stupidty!!

  6. The Jews seem to be doing fine after what they went through.

    And yes they do come out of the womb drunk and or on drugs. That’s what the NICU unit is in the hospital. They have their baby, get up and walk out to go get high somewhere and leave the newborn baby sitting there crying for love . Doesn’t take a genius to figure out the priorities of mothers like that.

  7. Soon enough the ‘white man will say enough is enough’. The wrong doings in the past by the Canadian government will come to an end and no more monies will change hands. Institutions set up by the government for indigenous social expansion will come to an end. It will all become self reigned and self run by the indigenous people. Thunder Bay will eventually become the first city to become an orchestrated ‘urbanized reserve’. A test site perhaps for future small cities and towns that can be solely be ruled by idigen people. What a concept, eh? The ability to totally run a city the way that they think it should be ran. Infrastructure, GNP contribution, educational systems, self government. I see this all as a potential in the near future. However, I question how long it would last. I’ve seen newly built hotels built and burned down cause ‘whitey’ built it. I’ve seen schools broken into and vandalized that had just been revamped or built. I’ve seen water treatment facilities sit and go to waste because nobody wants to look after it because ‘whitey’ installed it and ‘whitey’ should look after it. Last comment I read is not far from the truth. Take responsibility for yourselves, for your right actions and wrong actions. It’s very simple. Start taking on the blame, indigenous ones, for you wrong doings and be praised for doing right.

  8. Sterling. The native gangs have taken over the vulnerable, the beatings the stabbings the unsafe streets. People are just scared. And when there is fear there is racism. Our youth sometimes have no choice but are born into this. Mothers hooked on drugs having baby’s is a epidemic. Stop the gangs and the drug dealers. I know they aren’t welcome on reserves thus they are here on our streets of Thunder Bay. I know Chief’s of reserves have big issues on the reserves but the natives that belong to the reserves that live in the city also have issues. They need to be dealt with also. Putting our chief of police and mayor and city council responsible has put a strain on their resources including the EMS. Look after all natives stop the gang activity. Work together and come up with solutions.

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