Ogden Strong Police Presence: ANIMAL RELATED


(THUNDER BAY, ON) –  A large police presence was felt in a notorious neighbourhood this afternoon.

A nearby resident tells TRCCTB.COM that they have never seen so many police officers in the same area at the same time before.


Reports came in that numerous exotic animals were in the home. A veterinarian on the scene had several animals removed and taken for immediate care.

Details are thin at this point, but we are working to get more information.

A resident in the home is known throughout the animal community.


People close to the residents of the home are denying that anything happened today, yet fail to explain the massive police presence at the home.

Residents in the area believed this was a drug related raid as there were numerous police vehicles present and the neighbourhood is no stranger to drug houses.

Anyone with more details is asked to message us or email tips@trcctb.com


6 Replies to “Ogden Strong Police Presence: ANIMAL RELATED”

  1. Might be time for govt to think about applying Marshal law in Thunder Bay? Crime of every type is out of control. The city obviously has a serious drug and alcohol problem. That’s borne out by the city being named the “murder capital of Canada” for five years of the last ten.

    I’m not a bit proponent of cutting civil liberties but sometimes we need to put up with a little civil inconvenience in order to allow police and other law enforcement officers enough free reign to smack down the drug dealers, gangs and violent offenders. We also need to fire a lot of weak kneed judges who are big time supporters of “revolving door” justice and hire some hard asses who’ll enforce stiff penalties.

    We should also bring back the death penalty and build more and bigger prisons so that we can eliminate violent criminals from society and have room to jail the rest of the trash that’s causing all of the problems.

  2. Was this at “Reptile Rob’s” house? That dude is so shady and has all kinds of animals jam packed in his house.

    1. If this is indeed “Rob” and the police or Ospca are involved please investigate further in to country property he claims to own as you will likely find many deceased animals that were left to fend for themselves or intentionally disposed of.

    2. I just remembered a scam this guy pulled on people involving trapping small animals like skunks or gophers etc in their yard. He would set up a live trap in your yard and come collect the empty trap while you were at work and claim he caught an animal then bill you $100 or whatever the fee was. You’d see another animal in your yard so he would tell you a story about how there must be a whole family of them living there. Or if he did trap an animal he’d dump it back in your yard when you weren’t home and keep trapping the same animal over and over and billing you for it.

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