(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in courtroom 104 this morning by video from the Thunder Bay Police Station is 20-year-old Leah Simone Allah Jarrett-Alleyne.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon is presiding, along with Crown Attorney Franceline Auclair and duty counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy.


On November 8th the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre contacted the Thunder Bay Police Service due to a patient that had sustained first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree burns during an altercation.

Allegations are that on the evening of November 7th there was a minor verbal dispute between two women. The victim’s boyfriend and Jarrett-Alleyne’s male “friend” are roommates, and the two women were visiting at the same time.

The following morning, the victim was in the kitchen boiling a pot of water. Jarrett-Alleyne came out of the bedroom in a fit of rage and accused the victim of talking about her.

Jarrett-Alleyne grabbed the victim by the hair and started smashing her head into the kitchen counter several times. The victim screamed for help, and could not break free of Jarrett-Alleyne’s grasp.

At this point, Jarrett-Alleyne released her grip, resulting in the victim standing up and being confused about what had just happened. The victim started collecting her thoughts about what had just happened when she felt hot water pouring down her back.

The victim dropped to the floor in agony while Jarrett-Alleyne shouted: “TAKE THAT B***H”.

Serious burns were all over the victims back and she was taken to hospital for her serious injuries.

Jarrett-Alleyne (pictured above in a more recent photo) is facing the following charge:

  • Aggravated Assault


The Crown tells the court that this is a Crown-onus situation and that although this is a very serious charged, the woman has no criminal record, has a job, and is going to school. With that being said, the Crown is willing to consent to Jarrett-Alleyne’s release on the following conditions:

  • Reside at her residence in the Sibley school residences
  • No contact with the female victim
  • Do not attend 100 meters from anywhere the victim may be
  • Do not possess any weapons.

The Justice of the Peace questions this consent release, and asks the Crown to explain why this woman is being released on an undertaking and how the release will keep the victim and community safe.

The Crown reiterates that the woman has no criminal record at all, is a student, has a job, will not be attending the residence and is here from Toronto for school.

The Justice of the Peace is satisfied with the Crown’s explanation, and Jarrett-Alleyne explains desperately that she will not go back to the home where this happened, and will stay away from the victim.

Justice of the Peace Gibbons orders Jarrett-Alleyne released from custody under the proposed conditions. Jarrett-Alleyne is escorted back to her jail cell where she will wait for court documents to be completed before she is released.

Sources indicate that the accused is taking a nursing course here in town and is employed at Wacky’s.

A GoFundMe has been setup at the link below to help the victim now that she is off work and has out of pocket expenses.



  1. Jesus!
    What was she so bent outta shape about?

    -Gets the ham bone.
    -Tweaks out in a heightened state of paranoia.
    -Physically accosts 2nd woman guest of the evening.
    -Attempts to make a soup out of the victim.


    1. Get a backbone Gibson and Auclair, you ARE the reason Thunder Bay is going to shit!
      Someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough. There is no justice in the justice system. Just highly paid incompetence.

  2. shouldent be allowed to even finish her nursing …… dont u take an oath to help and heal not hurt people, like what the hell is wrong with you ?

  3. Considering that she is a nursing student, she should have been held to a higher degree of accountability than some regular joe blow. why? because she would know the damage her actions would render, seeing as her schooling focuses on human anatomy. perhaps one with a short fuse should not enter into a work field that has vulnerable people under their care and entails composure in stressful situations.

  4. Wow. So just because I’m a student with no criminal record I’ll get off with traumatizing someone and burning them intentionally that I’ll get off on the crime I just committed, deadly. I hope she is never my waitress at wacky’s for fear if I get her mad she’ll pour my hot coffee on me

  5. Honestly I can’t begin to thank you guys for the support!
    My rent is due December 1 and now how can I pay for it?. I’m self employed, and I’ve been on my own since I was 18 years old. I am 23 years old now and I’ve never asked any for help before . Never would I ever wish this on my worst enemy.
    How can I take care of myself now?
    How can go back to see my cat?
    My apartment rent is due on the 1st?
    Why do I get to lose almost everything because she has no self control?
    It’s the 21 century people got responsible people got bills to pay and jobs to attend.
    I’m on bed rest for 2 months!

    1. Why was she boiling water on the stove.? Was she planning to use it the moment you entered the kitchen? Seems kind of odd a guest would wake up and start boiling water
      Also, I’m sorry this happened to you. Those 2 guy friends should step up and take care of you.

    2. I am very very sad and hurt to of read all these terrible events.Anything our family can do we are happy to do just that. I prey you and your cat are reunited.

    3. I am so sorry for what you are going through also very embarrassed with how your attack was handled. Something is horribly wrong when the law is on the side of the attacker who obviously has serious issues. Can u just imagine having a nurse looking after you that did this horrific act to someone! You really should get some legal advice cause this is not right.This should be brought to the attention of the nursing school.Is this kind of person we want looking after us? It’s no wonder the crime is at the level it is,when the punishment is a slap on the wrist! I pray you get well!

  6. Why the $&#@ was she only charged with assault??? This is disgusting behavior from a young lady. There is no excuse for her, regardless of gender, race, religion. SHE BROKE THE LAW PERIOD! For crying out loud, she caused 1st 2nd & 3rd degree burns to another woman. All because her own dumbass thinks the world revolves around her, this girl has obvious rage issues if she’ll go off on a rampage (all if she thinks you’re talking about her).. great justice system🙄, excusing childish tantrums from a god damn adult. Throw her behind bars where she’ll learn to get her facts right, before behaving like an animal.
    Think about it… They have the witness, victim, and the accused statements; WHY do the courts keep letting dangerous people out to roam free and put possibly a child or elders life and safety in danger!
    Btw, why don’t I recognize her lawyer or the judges names????
    This is why Thunder Bay is dying fast.

  7. Hopefully she gets a criminal record then she won’t get a nursing license. Someone should probably for warm the College of Nurse about this crazy individual!!!!

  8. She should be kicked out of nursing school.for this I would not want her as my nurse or anyone else,s for that matter if she does not get kicked out I will make a big stink.

  9. She shouldn’t be allowed to be a nurse or anything close to it lol. She exhibits actions of someone with psychosis, not a healthcare practitioner. She doesn’t have the mindset of someone who with a future in helping patients. How did she even get into nursing?

  10. This pisses me off on a very personal level, a few years ago i got hot oil poured all over my legs and got 1st,2nd and 3rd degree burns all over my lower body so i can relate to how the pain must have felt. Nothing helps, until the pour water on it, and it only helps just for a second and then the stinging comes back. That girl who did this to you, is crazy messed up and she was worried about 1 person talking about her? Now she has to worry about alot more then 1 person. i have no remorse for her, and feel she should be punished for her actions. for the victim i hope you heal well and dont ever feel self conscious about your body, it will heal, and use bio oil and other lotions to help ones its fully healed. dont scratch either whenn it gets itchy cuz trust me i know it will when ur a few weeks into healing. sending you prayers and love!!!! You did not deserve any of that.

  11. Once again thanks for the best news reporting in the north. This young lady needs to be delt with by the courts and sent away . There are major issues within her life .This is not normal and is premeditated.She will without proper help strik again in some form of rage. The court has a great chance to get this one right and i hope they do before another person suffers at the hands of her inner anger.

  12. Good example to set,as long as you have a job and your going to be a nurse you can abuse and scar someone! I thought it was about justice for the victim not the bully! No wonder Thunder Bay has so many issues! Shame on the crown and the JP for this disgraceful decision.iI hope the person that this happened to gets herself a good lawyer! I’m sure when the nursing program finds out about this they will make the right decision! This person belongs in jail not a nursing program. Unbelievable!m

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