North Vickers Street Police Presence


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT) – A very gruesome scene is reported by a REAL Concerned Citizen to have allegedly unfolded on the city’s south side this evening. Initial tips tell us that the incident involved a man being found face down in a pool of his own blood.

The door to a residence was found to be left wide open, and observations by our tipster tell us that the male was unresponsive. A call to 911 was made to obtain police and paramedics assistance. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue along with Superior North EMS and the Thunder Bay Police Service all responded to the situation.


Police are investigating what had happened, and are always open to the public calling them to give them any information regarding the incident. You can reach the police at 807-684-1200 to help assist them.

Update: Police are still on scene as of 9:14 am

The male is said to be at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre receiving medical attention for his injuries. Reports we received tell us the man is in the intensive care unit at the hospital.


This incident was discovered around 7:30 pm this evening in the 300 block of North Vickers Street in a basement apartment unit. Police have the room taped off, and are holding the scene, according to a resident in the area.

Early speculation is that a violent event unfolded and that someone is responsible for this situation. We have no confirmation yet if police have made any arrests regarding this situation. This is heavily suspected to be the result of an aggravated assault.

This same residence was the location of a double stabbing in June of 2017 that sent one person to hospital.

Anyone with information that wants to remain anonymous can reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at


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  1. Where’s the furniture? This photo is inside of the apartment? Looks pretty empty. What’s the injured’s status?

  2. He looks really broken. Arm and leg for sure. Shirt in his face did they think he was dead when they found him? I hope he survived. I know you will update us when you can.

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