North Side Overdose Leaves Male Munchin Out


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – I’ve spent quite some time reading over the information I was sent and confirming details with sources.

At first I thought it was a prank, perhaps someone messing around trying to catch me slippin’. But low and behold, I have confirmed and verified the following.


A male was at a north side residence and overdosed on Marijuana. He was found to have a dry mouth, paranoid and seeking various junk food.

Paramedics arrived and picked up the male, who was able to walk himself into the ambulance. He is expected to survive the ordeal.

Marijuana overdoses are real. They can and do happen. Know the signs and be sure you know what to do to save your friends lives.


Marijuana, not me, not now.


8 Replies to “North Side Overdose Leaves Male Munchin Out”

  1. This abuse of precious medical resources is totally disgusting. Time you had to pay before you received services for OD’s of any kind. No money no service. If you can come up with the cash for candy then you can pay for the services. Amazing that Doug and Justeen have not figured out this savings.

  2. That sounds like a psychoactive reaction (bad trip), not an overdose lol. Unless this guy had some sort of synthetic weed, I’m pretty sure someone just fucked you into writing this story hahaha.

  3. A marijuana. overdose can be somewhat controlled with a drink or two ones favourite alcoholic beverage. It will bring you down to a more stable condition.

    1. Sugar brings you down also.
      We get our Cannabis store soon…that means idiots will be over doing it on the edibles.
      There will be a lot more of this crap happening.

      In Amsterdam, when a tourist ingests too much Marijuana, and goes to the hospital, the Doctor recommends eating a lot of sugar.

  4. Ok the dry mouth and wanting food is normal the paranoia part i gotta ask a couple questions
    First was the male on any other drugs ?
    2nd was the male on any perscribed medication ? Or supposd to be on any medications ? ( that the marijana cld have possibly clashed with)
    3rd is it possible hes got a mental disorder that causes this man to always be paranoid and it was just the dry mouth and constant eating that scared him into calling for help…lol ? ( just sayin)
    4th is it possible the Marijuana was laced with something?

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