NEW DETAILS: Killed and Robbed on Victoria and North


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – 52-year-old Andrew Ayre passed away today at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre after being in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since he was discovered unresponsive on Thursday April 25th, 2019.

The events that we pieced together after numerous interviews and our own mini-investigation revealed that Ayre was at Victoriaville Mall earlier to engage in some rehabilitation regarding his shoulder.


After his shoulder rehabilitation session was over, it has been said that he stopped in at Newfies Pub to have a drink or two. He pulled out his wallet to pay for his drink and it is possible that someone may have seen a significant amount of cash.

It was at this point that Ayre is said to have left Newfie’s and started to head towards Simpson Street via Victoria Ave. Little did he know that a group of people were stalking him.

Once Ayre got near the intersection of Victoria and North, an argument ensued and Ayre was badly beaten. We have been told that what appears to be a woman struck Ayre the final time, as he was on the ground. As he lay defenceless and unresponsive, the scumbags that attacked him then ransacked his wallet, smokes and cell phone.


Our sources indicate that Ayre did not know the people who attacked him. The money from his wallet was gone and it is uncertain if his cell phone was recovered yet.

We will continue our investigation and keep you updated as we find out more.



20 Replies to “NEW DETAILS: Killed and Robbed on Victoria and North”

  1. Who would have guessed, the low life criminals that frequent Newfies Pub would take to violence and robbery to finance their addictions….
    Why is there not a better picture of what exactly happened…there is an”eye in the sky” camera on the corner of Victoria/Simpson and the corner of May/Victoria

  2. People call me paranoid for never taking anything except my debit card and ID this is why. I see those wolves around town I can see the hunger in their eyes.

  3. Were there Eye-In-The-Sky cameras nearby? Not just for the attack but for surveillance along the route he walked? Cops likely have something there if he was seen on being followed on camera.

    Hope these murderers are caught and harshly sentenced. However, the latter is unlikely with our limp-wristed, chicken shit judges.

    Sad state of affairs when people are being killed for their possessions. Time to think about leaving this violent hell hole.

  4. Day time attacks are a very scary thing to see happening. Its time for some change in this country that would allow law abiding citizens to be able to carry licensed concealed hand guns. The criminals will think twice about committing violence when people have the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. What we have going on today is unacceptable when there is so much distrust between citizens and state that we cannot have the tools and laws to properly protect ourselves.

    1. F**k off with this gun bullshit. I’ll tell you right now the last thing I want is for some “law abiding” yahoo to open fire every time they get scared and think someone behind them is “stalking” them. Too many chicken shits in this city means too many of you gun nuts would be shooting at everything that moves.

  5. I can not believe that our city has come to this… Andrew was a father of 3 children, and the scumbags that beat him and took his life have left these children without a father!!! How could you? Karma is a bitch, and I hope you all get what you deserve. Andrew didn’t deserve this, selfish and disgusting people. This poor children…my heart breaks for them

    1. I went to St.Ignatius with Andrew. I’m still in shock of what happened to him. My deepest condolences to Andrew’s family & to his children. 💖

  6. This was an upstanding citizen doing no wrong. So he stopped to have a drink is that a bad thing no it is not. To think that these brazen people would stalk him then take the opportunity to jump him and beat him to death just for a few lousy dollars a phone and some smokes. Wow a gang probably high and or drunk they do not have any remorse for what they did. To beat him so savagely and leave him for dead is wrong If they wanted his stuff that bad then why not just knock him out and rob him but no reason to murder him at all. He was innocent and doing no wrong to anyone in fact he probably would have just turned his stuff over to them and they could have gotten away but no they had to brutalize him do they think this makes them king pins no it just makes them monsters. May Andrew get the justice he deserves and that these people are sent away for a long long time.
    My deepest condolences to his family & friends may he R.I.P. and soar with the angels

    1. WTF I feel disgusted beyond words. Mr Ayre’s life was snuffed out by a couple of turds who should be shot and pissed on and then decapitated. These bottom feeders will get a smack on the wrist and be back to the same old, same old in no time. Thats why we have so much of this crap and no end in sight. Honestly I agree,given the chance I would be packing in a heartbeat. These scuzbags have no respect for life so why not be allowed help them into the next life when they mess with the wrong person. I believe Dirty Harry had it right..

  7. I am very disturbed by this murder. To kill someone on a downtown street in broad daylight for a few bucks , some smokes and a cell phone is frightening to say the least. What is this city coming to?
    I truly hope that all of those responsible are caught and given long prison sentences. feel so sad for the victims and his family. No amount of jail time with bring him back or lessen the grief his family must be suffering.

  8. Through trials and tribulations, Andrew had succeeded in life and was succeeding well. Sorry that this had to happen to such a nice guy. The scum of Thunder Bay needs to be eradicated and if the justice system doesn’t change, the citizens will become more vigilant in their own way. You’ll see. Long live ‘hammer’ (R.A) & ‘crowbar’ (A.A)!

  9. These barbaric degenerates need to go to prison……….forever! Only the cowardly humans seem to hunt in packs.

  10. Now that’s one of the reasons why I left Thunder Bay. I would never consider moving to Thunder Bay ever again. Crazy people are always after money for their drug habit. I got attacked and aimed at a few times but I got away by all races. RIP to him. Thinking of his children. I hope the scumbags get what they deserve. Karma will kick them in the butt twice as hard.

  11. Just wanted to make a couple of comments here. Let me start by saying thank you to Pino and his group who report all these mostly unreported stories. I look forward to your news each day. I really enjoy reading all the replies from the readers as well. What I am really f***en sick to death of though is the complete asinine replies by some who are directing it at others who are also replying. I mean I think its fine to have a little banter going on over various topics, but some of the comments made about the gun issue and “f**k off about guns” because I don’t want them or believe in them is one thing but “rot in hell you lazy coward, gotta kill someone than get a job” WTF!!!! What the hell is that supposed to mean anyways???
    What the hell happened to a little, very little kindness when responding and maybe even a sensible answer that we can all understand? How about keeping it topic relevant instead of personal attacks?? This would make it much more enjoyable reading. JUST SAYING!!!!!

  12. Scum bags this poor guy was just doing his thing doing things to better his life just keep your money in the bank and just use your card or just use change sucks aye can’t even go for a drink always look behind u I told a guy to get lost and to fuck right off he darted across the street just be wise and never look at someone just walk fast and with your eyes behind you or carry some spy cameras they have pens with cameras on them my landlord has one he wears it all the time for pertection so it’s crazy to go that far but u just don’t know what is going to happen

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