New Addition Joins TRCCTB


At 28 and working as a janitor/cleaning lady for a mental health clinic, I never would have imagined my writing would take me somewhere. My mother and other family members said it would, but internally I always had my designs on Psychiatry, forensic Psychiatry.

The opportunity arose that which I can write the exciting and sometimes mundane activities of the citizens of Thunder Bay. I do welcome your criticism, but I intend to write as unbiased on events as required from a proper complacent reporter.


I will have a section below each article called “IMOP” In my own opinion, is meant to be a place for readers to understand, reflect, and relate. If the viewer only enjoys the cut-and-dry news stuff, they may need not be subjected to my social or political view, which is at times considered…unsightly.

My decision came when I realized Pino was writing and publishing all by himself. He has to take breaks and focus on his own life with his children. So, here I am…Love me or hate me. I am here to bring the raw, nasty news to you that other news sites won’t.

I will provide unbiased opinion in my articles, but IMOP allows me to state my own opinion.


My interests are history, philosophy (John Locke), and animals. I am a massive animal lover. I have a love for antiquated journalism and photography also!

Photo Credit: Life /Alfred Eisenstaedt


7 Replies to “New Addition Joins TRCCTB”

  1. Yes, Pino needs a break too. Even “He” rested. Looking forward to reading your articles. Hope they are as enjoyable as Pino’s.

  2. You can start off by letting the readers know how Pino made out after being busted for driving while under suspension during a traffic stop in or around June 22 while heading to investigate a vehicle that was reported to be upside down in the ditch.
    Pino tattled on himself to his readers.
    But his loyal followers are wondering, as the famous News
    Commentator “Paul Harvey” used to say, and now “The Rest of the Story”.
    Maybe it hasn’t come up in court yet, but keep us informed.
    So far, no one is chanting, “Lock Him Up”!!!!

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