Needle Debris Found on City Bus Seat in Dangerous Manner


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Today a REAL Concerned Citizen boarded a Thunder Bay city bus and was absolutely disgusted with what they had found, needle debris crammed into a bus seat.

The city bus rider reported their findings to the city bus driver, who then reported it to their boss.


At some point, the city bus rider, whose name is Taylor, took a photo of the debris with the sharp end stabbed into the material of the city bus seat. The message to take home today is to always check your seat before sitting down in public. Finding these harm reduction supplies in areas that can harm the general public isn’t usually calculated in to the overal “harm reduction” in the “harm reduction” strategy.

Needles have been found in many public areas, one notorious incident is when a child at St James School was pricked by needles they found in the school’s field. The child was sent to the hospital and the mother of the child says that the child is receiving certain medical care to mitigate any diseases that may have been on the needle. (A link to that article will be at the end of this article.)

With the recent rapid snowmelt, needles are likely to be found all around town and in unsuspecting areas, but this incident today seems to have been placed there on purpose and with malicious intent.


If you find needles in a dangerous area, please reach out to Superior Points, who are supposed to come out immediately and clear the hazard. It has been my experience that they sometimes do not come quick, if at all. If you have time maybe wait for them to come. Contact us if they do not show up so that we can try to solve the issue. Superior Points phone number is 625-8831

Message on Facebook or email us at with any needle issues or other incidents you think the public should know about.



2 Replies to “Needle Debris Found on City Bus Seat in Dangerous Manner”

  1. The Thunder Bay museum had them in the parking lot on Saturday.
    I rarely venture to that area of town, but we brought the kids to see the dinosaur on the weekend.
    After parking the vehicle, the first thing I see is 3 or 4 discarded needles sunbathing, in the melted snow.

    Safeway on Court street also has a few that are visible from the sidewalk.

  2. It would be interesting to know how many of these points being discarded on our streets, buses and elsewhere were issued by publicly funded injection sites in Thunder Bay? If they are responsible for supplying these sharps being found on our streets, they should be held accountable. No one should be leaving injection sites with needles.

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