NECK SLICED: Fight Lands One Man in Hospital


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Violence has been a steady scene in Thunder Bay lately, some would say. Yet another incident has come across our news fort this year.

Witnesses in the area tell TRCCTB.COM that a fight broke out near the Landmark Hotel this evening.


One man was seriously injured in the confrontation in which a man is believed to have been thrown through a window and had cuts to the man’s neck and on his head.

Thunder Bay Police along with Superior North EMS responded to the scene. The victim was sent to the hospital for further medical treatment and police remained on scene to continue their investigation.

Details are thin at this point as police are still in the early stages of the investigation.


Anyone with photos of the fight or more information are asked to email us at

Initially we were told that a knife was involved but the victim is saying it wasn’t so.


4 Replies to “NECK SLICED: Fight Lands One Man in Hospital”

  1. is anyone really shocked?
    the Bar at the landmark is well known to be the hangout of gangs in thunder bay,
    on any given friday or saturday night there is 2 or 3 different gangs in the bar,
    native syndicate/ Manitoba warriors and the gangs from down south that are in our town seem to hang out there.
    its like a breeding ground for degenerates there.
    the bouncers wont even get involved with certain people there as they know they will get stabbed or worse…
    somethign needs to be done about all this crap in our town, why has the city not stepped up with any plans?

  2. What plans do you suggest ? Do you have a magic wand to wipe this vermin of the face off the earth or do you think the city council does ? Police are trying but courts and the justice system don’t do their part. It is sad but but it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  3. No wonder people are leaving Thunder Bay , where do u draw the line . … Why isn’t there more foot patrols from our Thunder Bay Police, Too MANY cut backs city hall mare and the rest sit back and line there pockets. There all talk to get voted in, then when they do they never follow through do they think about it long and hard. It’s not safe to live here anymore. Not safe even in Brodie daylight. Thunder Bay really is starting to suck. And how many murders already this year people are killing people. And we’re also running out of tax payers, no jobs too many abuse the system and the people who really need the help are turned away.

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