(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and First Nation leaders are calling for answers after a video surfaced this weekend that appears to show a member of the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) striking a First Nation youth while receiving medical care.

“We are outraged by the actions of the officer depicted in this video. We do not know all of the details that led to this incident, but there is simply no justification for such violent and callous treatment of a youth in such a defenceless position,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler.


“Such actions by the police, whatever the cause, must be fully independent authority and the results made public by the Chief of Police.” Grand Chief Fiddler said.

The brief video, posted to Facebook last night, appears to show an officer striking a youth restrained on a stretcher next to an ambulance. The words “You’re going to the hospital” can be heard.


It is not clear why the youth, a 17-year-old from Nibinimik First Nation and student of the Matawa Learning Centre, required medical attention.


Police officials have confirmed that an investigation has been launched but have not clarified if it will be independent of the Thunder Bay Police Service.

The viral video has sparked outrage from First Nations across NAN territory, who have a long history of conflict with the city’s police force.

First Nation leaders called for the resignation of former Thunder Bay Police Chief J.P. Levesque following a report from the Ontario Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) earlier this year that documented “substantial” deficiencies in the investigation into the death of Rainy River First Nations member Stacy DeBungee in 2015.

Levesque also faced charges of breach of trust and obstruction of justice in an unrelated matter but the case was dismissed. He has since retired.

In November 2016, the OIPRD announced a systemic review of the Thunder Bay Police Service’s practices for policing Indigenous Peoples. Specifically, policies, practices and attitudes regarding missing person and death investigations.

The Thunder Bay Police Services Board is also under investigation by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC), the statutory governing body for police boards in Ontario.

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Source: NAN Media Release



  1. There’s so much I want to say about this, but what’s the point. It’s exhausting watching what’s happening with this s**t already. Should the officer have slapped her? No. should the girl have spit on her? No. Did the girl on the stretcher deserve it? Yes.
    The girl on the stretcher lacks all respect for everyone and anyone. Its obvious there was no discipline in her upbringing and for that I blame her parents along with Fiddler and his predecessors alike.
    All of you armchair bandits can say what you want, but the police are in a lose lose situation.

    1. Bubba. It was a child who was restrained. The officer should have stepped back. Your comment about lack of parenting. This is a direct result of residential schools and how it carries on for generations. I know this cause my mother was in residential school. It’s frustrating to try and make people understand this unless you lived it. The kid that through a trailer hitch didn’t get a slap in the face. Shame on that police officer.

    2. Omg.. to a civilian, she would get a slap. Or even a name thrown at her only. Her spirting in the direction of the officer, doesnt justify the officers reason for fist slamming the youth. What morals do you have? Seems only to be pro for the priv.

    3. Hey Loops, you may be educated, but not enough.
      The residential schools happened because the federal government and Indian affairs at the time saw the direction the Natives were going and knew something had to be done. They BOTH decided it was the right thing to do. Guess what, they made a mistake. BOTH of them. It wasn’t like the BAD people came in the middle of the night and abducted these children. It was both your people and the Government that did this. They THOUGHT at the time it was the right thing to do. The Catholic church saw the dollar signs and decided to be the middle guy. All of you can say what you want, but that’s how it happened in a nut shell.
      Loops, stop blaming everyone in the world for problems you were half to blame for.

    4. Bubba. Way off topic. Bottom line the police went into a house party full of Natives and started roughing people up. Back in the day white kids had parties and drank and nothing bad happened. You see the difference. The officers escalated the situation. I’d like to know where their body cams were ?

    5. Hey Bubba ! I am 100 o/o with you men enough of that Bull , she should not drink if she can not behave .. And under age she should be charge . I support the Police Officer , she had no choice . Anonimous Please .

    6. I agree with bubba it has nothing to do with the residential schools you are your own person you make you own choices not what happened to other people in their families that happened years ago. You are you own individual you make your own choices not someone else or someone else part life.

  2. That cop lost her cool! She is in the wrong field of work, scary to think she is allowed to carry a gun. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

    1. How would you take it if you dealt with scum bags all day in this city. And another routine call of an intoxicated person, who was just going to the hospital, decides to spit in your face.
      All we seen from this video is a paramedic saying she’s becoming combative – who taught this kid manners? They try to fight a person of authority?
      Don’t know about you but I was taught to respect police and first responders. Not try to look cool and be a disgrace to your community and people.

  3. Fight the system people. We all know that the officer 👮had no right doing what she did. That girl was defenseless. Now how are we supposed to trust the police when they do this to the native youth. Shameful.

  4. this shit always turns into a race issue, i bet the cop woulda done the same thing if the youth was white too, you guys who cry racism for everything are the real racists!!!

  5. Here we go. They want more money…I mean answers.

    Here’s your answer Fiddler, she was drunk being and idiot and clearly telling off the paramedic. When thinking she was above the law she decided to spit on a police officer. She was restrained.
    Do you think if it was a white person spitting in a cops face, that It would have gone any different?
    “Oh thank you for spitting on me, because your white you get a free pass.”
    There’s your answer you money hungry parasite.

  6. I agree with Loops that the disrespect for authority figures stems in part at least from the legacy of the Residential Schools. I was in the far north in the 1960’s and saw this erosion of morals coming. The elder native people Cree and Inuit were by and large the most honest people that I have ever met despite being poor and disenfranchised. This child has had no proper upbringing and has no respect for any authority figure and we can lay that blame on her parents who likley have no parenting skills due in part to her grandparents being removed from her society and being institutionalized. It will take generations to fix this deficit. Laura

  7. So it’s legal to take a pic/video,post it on the internet and ruin the life/lives of anyone involved?
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. But this incident makes anyone with a cell a “newsmaker”.
    What happened to “innocent till proven guilty?”

  8. Loops. I’m not sure where you get your information from. But I’ve been to big house parties when I was underage. Mostly white kid’s and some got their asses kicked pretty good. I dont believe it had anything to do with her ethnicity. I believe it was likely a knee jerk reaction in a split second, in my own opinion..

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