MUST READ: Some Clarification From Pino


(OPINION) – Hey, Pino here. I can understand how some people have been mislead by those that sputter incorrect information. I decided to write this piece in hopes that people become aware of some facts and hopefully correct those that get upset based on bad information.
I’m Pino, I write for TRCCTB.COM and only TRCCTB.COM. There is another local grassroots news source called “Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition” in which I do not write for nor do I have any type of control or administrative access to. I am not involved with Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition at any level more than just a regular member of society, meaning I am just a fan and not involved with the page at all.
You may have noticed that I publish some articles that are written by the Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition from time to time, and publish it with that page as the author. I do this with permission from that page.
Any article I write, is clearly labelled on my page by my name in the author section.
Just to be clear, I’ll repeat this. I DO NOT write for or have anything to do with the Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition, other than appreciating their work and sometimes publishing their articles on my own website. I am not able to count the number of times people have messaged me questioning me about things the Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition has published. I have nothing to do with that page other than giving it a like on Facebook. Please share this article with your friends so we can put this rumour to rest.
I only run TRCCTB.COM and the two Facebook pages linked below. Be sure to follow them as Facebook nuked our page that was active before. Come join in the conversation. If you have any other questions that need clarification, please, message me or email me at
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Sorry for the clickbait image, I needed to get you guys reading, especially the small amount of haters. Read the article from when I actually did get charged below:


3 Replies to “MUST READ: Some Clarification From Pino”

  1. hi Pino , love your website. I’d join you on facebook but do not have a facebook acct. Love reading your website and yes I can thank my niece for giving me your url.
    a fan

    1. Hi Marge,
      I appreciate your kind words. We here at TRCCTB.COM also provide an email once a day with the last 24 hours worth of news at the beginning of the email.
      Much Love,
      Pino Demasi.

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