Murdered Body Identified, Has Links to Brodie Gang Murder


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service’s Forensic Identification Unit has processed and cleared the scene linked to a homicide investigation in the area of 108th Avenue.

Following a post-mortem examination the victim has been identified as Lee Vincent Chiodo, 40, of Thunder Bay. Next of kin has been notified.

Sources indicate that Chiodo was found shot and frozen in a likely targeted murder.

Chiodo was arrested along with Stephan Parr in a series of police stings surrounding drugs and weapons.

Geoff Corbeill, who was shot and murdered earlier this year by Toronto gang members, was close with Stephan Parr.

Sources indicate Chiodo himself was not a member of a gang.

Officers were originally dispatched to the area of 108th Avenue at about 1:45 p.m. Sunday Feb. 24 after a passerby believed they saw a body and contacted police.

The investigation continues.

If you have any information that could help investigators please contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 684-1200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, online at


18 Replies to “Murdered Body Identified, Has Links to Brodie Gang Murder”

    1. Excuse me Rollie and Andrew. Are you both criminals? Repeat and serious criminals are dirt and we are better than them it’s ok when they die.

    2. @ Rollie – why should I be ashamed of myself?

      Do you not think it’s “rude” these gang members are not only killing themselves, but innocent people as well? How about all of the overdoses we’re experiencing? Do you not think that’s directly related to these gangs? I think YOU should be ashamed of yourself for not seeing the obvious as to what these idiots actually are. You sit in your smug little home oblivious to what’s actually going on out there, but still feel entitled to say I should be ashamed of myself? Educate yourself! Until then, stop thinking you’re the type that makes a difference. You’re the furthest thing from that.

    3. So if one of your loved ones makes a bad decision and gets wrapped up in something and ends up like this…. if it was your son? You would post “live by the bullet, die by the bullet” on here? Thank your stars that nobody you know battles addiction. At what point is death warranted? And, I live in a nice house that I work hard for. I work in addictions because it’s what I have the passion to do. I watch people struggles, good people, bad situations. So yes, I hope I am making a difference. That’s why I get up every morning. I’m pretty proud of myself. I think I’m pretty educated because of that. I get your frustration, it’s society and our judicial system is a joke, but that doesn’t mean murder is justified. That was someone’s son, grandson, friend, uncle, brother,
      A real person

    4. @ Rollie, first of all, this guy didn’t have a drug addiction. He ensured everyone else did. Second, I can guarantee without even having a clue who you are, that I’m MORE involved with these people than you are. Third, I was able to comment at 9:11 because it was my DAY OFF.
      Another thing, if you or YOUR son had the shit beat out of him, or worse – murdered, I’ll bet you’d turn a 180 in a heart beat.

  1. Live by the sword, die by the sword. To the Chiodo family, my deepest regrets. As I stated before, Satan’s Choice kept relative peace and order in this town. Now, it’s a free-for-all. The next best thing to a gang is a vigilante squad. Time for citizens to rid the flies from the shit!

    1. This is the honest truth and I know it first hand cause I grew up with my father being a member and then on president of satans choice and my father was in the club 28 years and those men in the club all made sure that these gangs and the hard dirty drugs (and I say dirty drugs only cause they are cutting with horrible stuff and its giving people serious infe infection like flesh eating diesese a d infection in there hearts and spine )and not to mention that they are bring fake herion (fentanyl cut with god only knows) and crystal meth as nd the crack and coke is not even
      Cocaine its always got fentanyl in it cause coke u never withdrawal from but with the fentyanl then they have a customer for life cause they are withdrawal symptoms and only that gangs dope fix u up honestly we need old school Satan’s. Choice days or all our youth are going to overdose or be murdered

  2. Have to agree with the comments regarding these low lives taking each other out. Other than peddling abject misery and destruction, what have they contributed to society?

    Making “a mistake or poor choice” is not a reasonable excuse when one chooses mistakes and poor choices as a way of life and I get sick an tired of the whining liberals constantly making excuses for these cretins.
    I lived for years worrying about a very close family member who chose the path of drugs and violence. Put the whole family through the wringer for most of his useful life. He was shot, stabbed and beaten on numerous occasions and doled out the same. Spent close to thirty years in the pen off and on. Never took responsibility for his actions and it was always someone else’s fault when he’d screw up. Finally grew up and straightened out when he hit his 50s and died shortly thereafter from drug related complications. The whole family was numb from so many years of watching him self- destruct. Hard to muster up a lot of sympathy for someone who brought so much pain and disappointment for so many years. Not a lot of tears were shed when he finally died.

    So, yeah, I agree. Let them take themselves out. The more the better. If I had my way, I’d like to see bounties put on them.

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