Multiple Charged with Animal Cruelty


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Local Business Owner of “Thunder Bay Reptiles” and Associates, Have Been Charged with Animal Cruelty Under the Criminal Code and the Ontario SPCA Act.


A Thunder Bay businessman, of “Thunder Bay Reptiles”, and his associates, have been charged with animal cruelty under the Criminal Code and the Ontario SPCA Act, as a result of an ongoing investigation involving exotic animals.


On June 18, 2019, Robert KAMSTRA Sr., Kim KAMSTRA, Robert KAMSTRA Jr., Erin KAMSTRA, and Carli GARRETT, were each charged by an Agent from the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society with the following under the Ontario SPCA Act:

  • Causing distress to animals – 4 counts
  • Permit distress to animals – 4 counts
  • Noncompliance of Standards of Care (ie. Medical attention, unsanitary conditions, etc.) – 15 counts

Additionally, Micheala DOBRANSKY, of Thunder Bay, was also charged under the Ontario SPCA Act with:

  • Causing distress to animals – 1 count
  • Permit distress to animals – 1 count
  • Noncompliance of Standards of Care (ie. Unsanitary conditions, etc.) – 4 counts

Moreover, on May 27, 2019, other charges were also issued against Robert Kamstra Sr., Kim Kamstra, Robert Kamstra Jr., Erin Kamstra, and Carli Garrett, and were charge with the following under the Criminal Code:

  • Willfully cause unnecessary suffering to animals
  • Willfully neglected or failed to provide suitable and adequate care for animals

The accused Robert Sr. and Kim Kamstra were also charged with the following offences under the Ontario SPCA Act:

  • Fail to comply with OSPCA Orders
  • Did Hinder, obstruct and interfere with an Inspector or Agent of the OSPCA

After receiving information from an eyewitness concerning the welfare of animals in a residence in Thunder Bay, the Agents of the TBDHS executed a warrant on March 27, 2019. During the warrant, the Agents discovered Reptiles, Ferrets, Rabbits, and numerous other exotic species living in deplorable conditions.

Due to these findings, 1 Caiman, 2 Alligator Snapping Turtles, 6 Ferrets, 4 Rabbits and 5 Kits, 1 Carpet Python and 1 Red-Eared Slider Turtle, and 3 ducklings were found to be in immediate distress and removed from the premises. The animals were removed for the purpose of providing the necessary care and medical attention they needed. Moreover, OSPCA Orders were issued, and are outstanding, to improve the living conditions, and general welfare of the remaining animals in their care.

During the investigation, it was determined that several animals had been relocated from the property. The animals that had been relocated are, but not limited to a Pot-Bellied Pig, Tortoises’, Turtles, Snakes, Lizards, and birds of different species. These animals were relocated without the authorization of the investigating Agents, thus, the issued OSPCA Orders are in violation.

Currently all charges against all parties are still before the court system.

If anyone has any details regarding the missing animals, please contact 1-833-9ANIMAL (1-833-926-4625), or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Source: Thunder Bay and District Humane Society