MOVE OVER: Ambulance Damaged on Dawson Road/Highway 102


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Five emergency responders were injured on Dawson Road/Highway 102 this week. The incident started off with a transport rolling over in the ditch.

Superior North EMS, Police and Firefighters responded to the scene to assist the truck driver. As the truck driver was in the ambulance speaking to police a separate tractor-trailer hit the ambulance, causing it to strike more first responders outside of the ambulance.


Luckily, nobody was seriously injured. Dawson Road/Highway 102 is notorious for collisions happening on that roadway.

Ernie Kadikoff, Deputy Chief of District Operations, Superior North EMS is urging the public to respect the work first responders do and to give them the space they need. He added that “they deserve to be able to go home after their shift”.


Posted by on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Please watch the video above and ensure that first responders can work as safely as possible. A 43-year-old man from Coquitlam was charged for striking the ambulance.


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4 Replies to “MOVE OVER: Ambulance Damaged on Dawson Road/Highway 102”

  1. ATTENDING A TRANSPORT ROLLOVER…THEN HIT BY ANOTHER….get them long haul trucks off Dawson the most notorious road around. Soon this will be happening in County Park with even more homes and sub divisions in the works. The writing has been on the wall here a long time.

  2. I respect the first responders. I live not far from where this transpired. However, that occurred on a blind s-curve. There should have been all kinds of warnings to slow down and proceed cautiously, and there were not any.

  3. For the record , EXACT same thing coulda happened on 11/17, was on a straight stretch, yes a curve about a km away but I wish this not in my backyard mentality would seize.

  4. Aren’t they supposed to post warning signs 150m in front of and behind a disabled vehicle? Was that done? Especially on a blind curve like that one.

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