Monday Morning WTF’s on Arthur Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Monday mornings can often be some of the hardest times of the week to have to endure. Some of us adults need to wake up, make ourselves presentable and head in to work after a pleasant weekend.

Some people struggle more than others, some people fail to do their hair just right, or perhaps they arrive at work to realize they have left their phone at home or other important item.


I suppose the worst or best case scenario, depending how you look at it, is when people just don’t do anything and stay at home, resutling in a longer weekend and possibly getting let go from their work.

In the video below, captured this morning by Scott, shows someone who appears to be struggling with Monday morning more than others.

Luckily nobody was hurt during this incident.



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10 Replies to “Monday Morning WTF’s on Arthur Street”

  1. Was the guy videoing the bad driver also driving?
    Just wondered.
    Both are in the wrong in my book.

    1. The person filming wasn’t driving, his son was. At the end of the video you can see the driver in full view.

    2. It’s obvious you didn’t watch the whole video and note it was the passenger holding the camera.

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