Missing woman – Please share


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service is requesting the public’s help in locating missing person 39-year-oldIsabel Sakanee.

Isabel was last seen in the Picton Avenue area on November. 30, 2018.


Repeated attempts to make contact with Isabel have failed and there is now a concern for her well-being .

Isabel is described as an Indigenous female standing 5’3” tall with a thin build.

She has long brown hair and brown eyes.


If you have any information that could help locate Isabel, please call police at 684-1200

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can reach out to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, online at www.p3tips.com.


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  1. I’ll share this. After 8:00pm yesterday evening, I came across 3 indigenous people at a bank in Northern area of Thunder Bay (across from pawn shop). As I went into ‘my branch’, the first male was in the vestibule with the pant leg of his jeans covered in blood. Intoxicated? Very much so. As I quickly ascertained that he was stable in his condition, the next set of doors revealed an indiginous male and female laying next to one another at the collapsible wall. Remember now, I’m white. I then go to the ATM and put my card in the machine when a younger indigineous girl walked in. She spoke to me in very broken English and so softly that I did not understand what she was saying. I proceeded to take the least amount of money, and yes, very intimidated by the situation but thought it was the best. As I walked out, I glanced at the 2 individuals and continued back past the first gentleman in foyer. I crossed the street and called for a police response. In less than 7 minutes, an EMS unit and a 2 officer vehicle pulled up. While I had made the call, the gentleman in the vestibule exited and was propped against the wall.. ems and officers approached, had minimal discussion and the injured man was courtly placed with in the EMS unit. A very big, praised kudos to those hard working, diligent persons tending to this man in such a professional way! Absolute pleasure to witness that service of ‘service and protection’ on such a cold night as it was. The other two individuals were told to get up and vacate the premises. These are courteous and gentle servants with a heart that did not violently throw someone from an establishment like a ‘bouncer’. It was time to move along
    So, why did I post this? The description of the girl missing is similar to the female on the floor. Her body weight was from 95-105 and her jacket resembled like a grey ‘80’s’ Adidas jacket. Definitely not dressed for cold climate. Don’t know if this helps anybody but most institutions have numerous video cameras available.
    Once again, to the two officers and the EMS on scene, very well execution of caring no matter what race it may be!

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