McIntyre River Rescue: Woman Pulled From the Water


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A recurring issue in Thunder Bay is the numerous amounts of people that end up in danger because they somehow find their way into the McIntyre River.
This evening was no different. A drunken woman was pulled out of the water this evening around 9:00 pm.
People we spoke to in the area say that they believe the woman was likely suicidal as she didn’t seem cooperative with first responders initially.
The incident unfolded near the CLE grounds at the McIntyre River, a hotspot for public intoxication and drug use.
After being assessed by first responders on the scene, the woman was sent to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre A.K.A. “The Hilton”, where she is expected to make a full recovery.
A person on scene said that the woman went into the water willingly, albeit against common sense.


2 Replies to “McIntyre River Rescue: Woman Pulled From the Water”

  1. Let me guess, I’m a racist because I say there’s has to be an answer that stops this sh*t with these people. Before you iD10 t’s start on me, I was there. Same old people, different bottle and day.

  2. This mayhem is now an epidemic
    Not only the constant rescues of Drunken Ducks
    But the constant harassment to the public
    From the the flowing list of A.K.A. ‘s
    This this is non denominational
    Thunder Bay’s Public Menus List
    – Drunken Ducks
    -Road Corner Creepers
    – Meridian Maggots
    -Lawn Lizards
    -Bridge Trolls
    -River Rats
    -parking Lot Door poppers
    -Bus Bullies
    -Flaying Phillies and Jonesing Jack’s
    And the constant dealings with the Federally allowed
    Non- vetted Instant Potatoes granted easy passage into this country to move drugs and gang warnings throughout Ontario!!
    Feel free to add to the list
    Oh lastly, return the dam shopping carts , there not park Benches!!!

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