McIntyre River Rescue: Intoxicated Woman


(THUNDER BAY, ON) –  We have received reports about yet another water rescue from the McIntyre River.
This afternoon, members of the Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, and Superior North EMS responded to an incident at the McIntyre River begins the LCBO. A 911 call was made when a person became aware that a woman was in the water and appeared unresponsive.
Upon arrival of first responders, the woman was removed from the water and was showing signs of being drunk as all hell. She’s still alive because a Thunder Bay Police Service officer jumped into the water and made the effort to save her.
The woman was assessed by paramedics and was delivered to the Hilton (Hospital Emergency Department) to sleep off the alcohol while being monitored by our amazing medical staff. She is expected to survive the hangover.
The McIntyre River has an enormous issue that it seems all of our politicians and people in positions of power are avoiding talking about. People getting over the top drunk along the river. Why isn’t one of the biggest issues that is destroying the cities image, addressed extensively by those elected to run our city? What is the solution?
One person suggested a “safe alcohol consumption site”, where people can bring their booze and get drunk in a safe location. This seems ideal, but imagine trying to handle a bunch of people when they get too drunk to walk? Paramedics would have to be on location 24/7. Even if we did open this idea up, the hours would have to be 24/7, not 9am-5pm or whatever our “overdose prevention site” has. What drug addict is going to wait until 9am-5pm Monday to Friday to get high? Most of the people using drugs are sleeping during that time and alcoholism/addiction doesn’t wait for business hours.


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  1. Lmao. Let’s blame our city for people being intoxicated at all hours and falling in the river. We have tried addressing this issue many times over only for our city to be accused of our police officers throwing people in the river or a serial killer. Where does the blame be placed, on the people that are doing this to themselves!

  2. Oh my my! Are you telling me that one of our “racist cops” jumped into the river to save a drunk woman??? Pardon the pun but why wasnt that splashed all over national tv? It seems the only time our police are in the news is to blame them for some special interest groups own problems.( I bet that person didnt even have the brains to thank that police officer for saving her once she sobered up for a few minutes.) The repeat drunks and junkies are then transport to sleep it off in a very comfortable bed and breakfast at the hospital wasting more precious resources. It is time to open the LPH again and have them shipped there. Let them sleep it off there. The ER is not a detox tank but is being used excessively as one and other people who are sick have to wait for medical attention and lay in a hallway. I am furious that I have to pay over 130 bucks out of my own pocket for an epi-pen to save my life from an allergic reaction and yet junkies are perpetially given narcan for free. Something very wrong with this picture. How about giving me the free pen and letting them pay for the Narcan. If they can up with the money for drugs , they can pay for the narcan. I am pissed off totally that my tax dollars are continually being wasted on these events over and over. Some tough love is definitely overdue here. Either they get into into treatment or no more narcan. And yes the government needs to open more treatment centres for those people. It would save us all money in the long run.

  3. legalize drugs…..countries that have can show a marked decrease in thefts, vandalism, but most of al … deaths, do to street contaminated drugs…..

  4. Safe drinking site !! You gotta be kidding. When are these people going to be made responsible for their own actions ? I was a full blown alcoholic but quit 30+ years ago. I never needed a safe site. I could not swim so even as drunk as I was, I stayed away from the waters edge. You can not baby sit these alcoholics and drug addicts 24 hours a day. The cost to the health system is enormous because of this. Maybe it is time to Charles Darwin’s “ Survival of the Fittest “ come into play. It got us this far and maybe time to stop meddling with it.

  5. I would love to see local and regional First Nations leaders nominate this police officer for a commendation for his actions and then themselves recognize them for what they did to save this individual

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