(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Our newsdesk has been swamped with reports of power being out from the north side of town between downtown PA all the way down Red River Road to Windemere and all the way to the Silver City Theatre area.

Thunder Bay Hydro has not yet updated their outage map to put a pinpoint on how widespread the outage is.

Street lights, houses, and stores are all blacked out, as the outage has struck down any sign of electricity in parts of the city.

Residents are advised to check in on vulnerable people they may know, such as the elderly, the disabled, the sick, and their general family to ensure they are ok.

Power outages have also been felt in Conmee Township, Murillo, Kam, Rosslyn to Whitefish, Sturgeon Bay, and along Highways 588, 595, 102, 595, 61 as well as Oliver Paipoonge.

Power is also out all the way to the border crossing at Pigeon River, as well as the area around the Canada Games Complex, Ray Blvd, and all areas inbetween.

County Park and Castlegreen areas were also impacted.

UPDATE FROM HYDRO: Large outage in progress. Loss of supply at a main feeder station. We ask for your patience as we isolate the issue. There is also a blown transformer on Golf Links Road.

An estimated 10,000 customers have been affected by this power outage, possibly more.

Please comment with where you are in town, and if you have working hydro.

***UPDATE: 9:53 pm, Thunder Bay Hydro says that power has been restored to all customers, and if you are still experiencing outages to call 343-1002

Send in photos of the power outage to or leave them in the comments.

We will update this article as time goes by, and more information becomes available. Please check back for updates.

Stay tuned.-



  1. Living off grid is nice…. didn’t even know the power was out as I watch tv. I have family in hymers, raith and kam who all lost power. My moms power has returned on in one part of kam but it’s still out across the river.

  2. 2018 we have had so many Hydro outages it’s been crazy and 2018 isn’t over yet. Yesterdays outage wasn’t like a normal one in the past. Living in Kam, we have had flickering, warning us to find flashlights but yesterday there was no warning it just went out. Now why did this happen yet again? No winds, no raining, no snow and no accident reported, our usual reasoning for Hydro outages. We have Thunder Bay Hydro (town) and Ontario Hydro (Rural) so why was Rural and Town hydro out at the same time? Suspicious and worrisome !!!!

    1. Main supply transformer failed at the trsnsmission station in town. Takes time evaluate the failure and to switch in another transformer. …

    2. I was always under the understanding that the Silverfalls side of the river had a different power source than the Forbes side of the river in Kam. Very rarely (even during big storms) has both sides been out simultaneously.

    3. because hydro one is not updating equipment transformers are 50 60 years old an blowing up at sub stations and on hydro poles. I see an hear them go bang an big fire on poles out here in kam. years ago it was bad because they were not clearing big danger trees for years an trees were always on the lines now its transformers blowing up from old age. just look on pole an see all the old black transformer. new one are light gray

  3. I have a picture of a transformer burning approaching Raith. We lived in Upsala when their was a power surge so strong that it burned out all electrical appliances, pump in the well, smoke detectors, water filtration system, neon sign, stoves, everything destroyed. the business had to close down because we didn’t have filtrated water, nor smoke alarms. Two weeks loss revenue still fighting to be reimbursed. Insurance companies and Hydro One are dishonest, have a bag of excuses that would sink a ship. Liberal and NDP socialism is what we have, they produce 3rd world economies.

  4. Hydro keeps raising their rates but they dont update their dated ,crappy equipment which often leaves customers without power .Thats a really nice feature when it is -30. To -40 degrees outside.Its time hydro does the much needed upgrades and not make the customers pay for it.They take advantage of the fact that we all require power and have little to no regard for their customers.This does not apply to the hydro workers who always work hard to restore power quickly.Big thimbs down to the higher ups at hydro 👎👎👎

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