Massive Brawl Outside Newfie’s/Victoriaville Mall



Thunder Bay Police working hard on the scene of a brawl involving numerous people this afternoon.


No word yet on any charges.

The Director of Communications at TBPS may have exceeded the allowable levels for soy in a human body and gone home with a sore tummy. Don’t expect him to notify the public.

A man was fighting with numerous Thunder Bay Police Service officers who were attempting to make an arrest. The indigenous male became violent with officers and was quickly subdued, being handcuffed and placed on the ground. The suspect then spit in an officers face. The spit contained blood.


Officers started to shout at the man after this disgusting behaviour and that’s when a mob approached and started yelling at the police. Violence started to erupt amongst the crowd and more officers responded to the scene. Witnesses to the scene say that the situation was very close to a riot breaking out but did calm down, despite violence breaking out in the crowd.

Back at Hotel Balmoral (police station), during his room booking, the man is alleged to have spit in another officer’s face.

UPDATE: Kevin Douglas SAKANEE, 35, of Thunder Bay, is charged with Assaulting Peace Officer x 2, Resist Peace Officer, Uttering Threats – Death or Bodily Harm.

UPDATE: Two short videos have emerged from the situation which show what happened afterwards when things calmed down.

Video 1


Video 2

Anyone with more information or photos is asked to message us or email

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated.


18 Replies to “Massive Brawl Outside Newfie’s/Victoriaville Mall”

  1. I heard it was over a half bottle of black ice, someone smuggled out of the bar when they were kicked out.

    The smuggler in question was unwilling to share a couple of swigs with “the boys.”
    Thus resulting in an all you can eat, fist fiesta.

  2. ship them all back to where they belong, enough is enough they’ve ruined this once great city.. No word from the head honcho like normal not like he looks after his people unless his palms greased..

    1. Never mind the “ head honcho “ , what about the Mayor and Council . Nothing but crickets from them , it’s high time they stood up and defended our city !

    2. Why dont you back to where your family came??? I BET you wouldnt say this if you wouldve been there..youd be running your scared little ass home, suc on your mom teats til you calmed down stupid, ignorant PC warrior….lol…

  3. Ship who back to where they belong. The Indigenoys people whose land this was or the generations of racist immigrants who continue to occupy the land?

    1. Enough with your I am here first s**t. If you are born in Canada your Canadian end of story no matter what the s**t your ethnic background is. The cradle of civilization is in Africa so we are all immigrants according to your definition dumb a**

    2. First the land does not belong to taxpayers, everyone has equal access to public lands which are administered by the government weather they pay taxes or not. Yes, it is 2019, but that does not mean the treaties have been thrown out the window. We still have legal obligations regarding them and ownership of land is an issue. Pay attention to the news, it won’t be long before some of these court cases that have been going on for decades are settled in favour of Aboriginal title to land. I see people screaming all the time about CN being held accountable to an almost 100 year agreement over the bridge. Yet, they feel we don’t need to honor Treaties. Also, I am not Indigenous, I am a first generation Canadian. Also, Indigenous peoples are not Canadian citizens in the same respect as all other generations of immigrants. People tend to forget Europeans did not conquer the land and win it. We obtained the land via Treaties which are legal agreements and in some places we stole it without an agreement. But at no time did Indigenous peoples give up their own citizenship to become Canadians. Anyone who thinks they have is speaking from a place of ignorance and Eurocentrism.

      My initial response was to the comment ”ship them back to where they belong”, just who should be sipped ”back” and to ”where” still has not been answered.

  4. We all bleed the same colour!! This racist stuff is getting pur of control! The land belongs to the people of canada not certain minority’s.

    Neefies should just close thoer doors

  5. Who stole your land? Not my ancestors. My ancestors came 50+ years ago and worked for everything we have now. We weren’t involved in any takeover of land. We passed all the gov’t checks. We contributed to make this town better.

    On top of that, the european settlemebt and treaty agreements occurred hundreds of years ago. If you look at the billions $ of payback from our gov’t, in my opinion the debt has broke even a long long time ago.

    There was no genocide like in the US. Enough with the boo hoo.

    Wars occurred all over the world. Nowhere in the world has the loser of the war been better treated than like in Canada.

    Now you don’t pay taxes, made all our animals extinct because you fish & hunt like it’s a free-for-all and show no respect, you get free education, perks galore!

    What perks do we get? Zero point zero.

    Why do I gotta pay for you to get drunk? Why do I have to pay for you to get stoned? Why do I gotta pay for your kids college education? And on top of all these perks, the majority of you still can’t get your shit together.

    If you take pride in yourself, have a clean appearance, dress well, speak well, educate yourself, I’ll have respect for you no matter what ethnicity you are.

    Go to school. Behave yourselves. Stop playing the victim. Then you’ll get your dignity back.

  6. Clean up TB:

    I don’t think anyone here is claiming “civilization” as an issue. With the level of crime, violence and murders, Thunder Bay is likely one of the most “uncivilized” communities in Canada. The piss fight is over land disputes and I think FN people have legitimate beefs.

  7. Wow…. a lot of racism on both sides for certain.Everybody recognizes that. There was always racial tension. Forty years ago I left, I grew up there and there was trouble then but it is so much worse now.Thunder Bay cannot be a dumping ground for all the Natives fleeing their remote communities. Too may people being dumped with no real safety net,Now it is compounded by gangs from South Western Ontario capitalizing on a growing population of addicts and substance abusers. I don’t know what the answers are but I would start with making sure that the people moving into the City have some sort of support and not just thrown onto the street. Gangs love desperate people …….

    1. Why is it, you all think that when an Aborginal person is told to leave his or her reserve, they are told where to go??…There is no “Joe, you gotta leave; go to Thunder Bay ; go to Sioux Lookout ; go to Winnipeg” …I can assure you that this is said..Those transplanted merely go to these cities or town because that’s where they have relatives or a friend who will take them it..Also, they need to stay near hospitals, or any medical center for treatment. And finally, they have to be settled in some sort of housing to receive OW or ODSP benefits and most of our smaller towns in Northwestern Ontario cannot house these numbers. So learn some facts before you choose to criticize….

  8. Scum,everyone who goes to that place. Shut it down or burn it to the ground this city is being over run by these vermin I bet these pieces of shit haven’t worked a day in there lives yet they can afford to get drunk every day. Not taking care of there kids that they seem to shit out every 9 months. They need to be cut off from all the money and services they get make them figure it out for them selves. They deserve nothing not one cent should be given to these animals.

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