Man Seeks Kittens for Snake Feed


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A bizarre and shocking ad was posted to Kijiji in Thunder Bay which has people in an uproar.

A man by the name of “Mike” is requesting kittens to feed his inherited python snake.


The ad says that “barncat litters” or feral cats that are about to give birth would be accepted by the ad poster as feed for the python snake.

Further, the post claims that the python kills the kittens “humanely” and with as little pain as possible.

The ad was posted under the name Mike and asks people to contact him via his Facebook account. We have not been able to verify if this post was a prank or not.


Numerous people have called police and ospca. The ad is believed to have been made as a prank.

This is a developing story and we will provide a follow up when more information becomes available.


8 Replies to “Man Seeks Kittens for Snake Feed”

  1. Despite snakes eating small mammals being “natural” in nature, can you think of anything more optically disturbing than a person asking for KITTENS TO FEED A F*CKING SNAKE!!!!???

    I’d much prefer releasing a starving Siberian tiger in his house just to see how that goes.

    This guy can’t be too bright.

  2. This has been happening for decades. Ok can recall on the late 80s we had a man contact us through an ad we had for kittens. He admittedly wanted kittens to feed to his snakes!

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