(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 45-year-old Micheal Collington was in a Judge’s court today to plead guilty to two counts of assault, uttering a death threat, and a breach of bail conditions. Collington is from southern Ontario.

Her Honour, Justice Brochu is presiding along with Crown Attorney Brunette and defence lawyer David Bruzzese.


Collington is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Assault x2
  • Robbery
  • Uttering threats
  • Mischief
  • Fail to comply with bail conditions

Collington appears to be injured when he gets into the prisoner’s box. Defence lawyer David Bruzzese points out that he has been using a wheelchair and asks if Collington may remain seated for the duration of the sentencing.


On July 26th, 2018 Collington and a woman he was dating had returned to their hotel room where they were staying with their 5-year-old child.


Collington was putting a pair of pants into a bag and a bag of what appeared to be cocaine had fallen out of it, she also located a scale. The woman confronted Collington regarding the cocaine and asked him to leave, he responded with “You gotta make money somehow” and “Thunder Bay is a gold mine”.

It was at this point that Collington struck her in the head 6 times and demanded her money otherwise he would kill her. The woman’s head was ringing and her glasses were broken. She handed over $600 and left.

Collington was released with conditions not to contact or be around the victim.


On November 3rd, 2018 The same woman from the July 26th incident, Collington and a friend were in a taxi cab at the drive-thru at the McDonald’s on Memorial. There was a dispute over what to order and Collington started to strike the same woman several times in the head.

The woman exited the vehicle along with Collington, and he struck her in the head with a closed fist again.


The victim and Collington have children together and plan on resuming their relationship after Collington’s sentence. They are both from southern Ontario.

Collington had paid back the victim of the $600 and compensated her for the damaged glasses. The victim confirmed this with the Crown, and based on that, he is having the robbery charge and mischief charged withdrawn.

Defence lawyer Bruzzese tells the court that his client has lost his drivers license for driving transport, and thus lost his job. His occupation is a long-haul truck driver, and that addiction has been a contributing factor to his situation.

Collington has been in custody for 35 days, and on an enhanced basis would be 53 days. The proposed sentence would be 3 months for the first assault, along with 3 months concurrent for the uttering death threat.

The second assault is suggested at another 3 months, to run consecutive to the first assault, along with another 30 days concurrent for the breach of bail conditions.


This jail time is to be followed by 1 year of probation under the following terms:

  • 10 years weapons ban
  • Keep and peace and be of good behaviour
  • Attend court as required
  • Notify your probation officer of any change of name/address/employment
  • Report to probation 2 days after your release, and as required thereafter
  • Attend all counselling requested by your probation officer
  • Sign any releases that your probation officer asks of you, to ensure participation in programming
  • Do not contact or be around the victim, unless she has given written revocable consent to your probation officer
  • Provide a sample of your DNA

The Crown indicates that domestic violence is an aggravating factor, along with his criminal record which has at least one assault already on it.

Her Honour accepts the joint submission and reads the conditions back to Collington to ensure he understands.

The sentence is ordered, and Collington is sent back to the basement of the courthouse where he will await prisoner transport to complete his time. He has about 37 days left in custody.



  1. why would any woman want to return to a relationship with such a nasty man. In times gone by a woman really had few choices but to stay and live with violence but not today, at least in Canada. Faye Peterson on some other woman shelter would be the safest place for this woman.

    1. There could be a few reasons:
      – low self esteem
      – drug dependant as he’s her supplier
      – no where else to go
      – she enjoys the beatings.

  2. This sad excuse for a daddy or a man is going to use you abuse you and f**k you over and over and take your babies money.
    I have to wonder if she is part of that gangster lifestyle from down south, following him around motel to motel. Dragging the children into a lifestyle of selling drugs and maybe she is being prostituted. This relationship is messed up CFS should be involved.

    1. Yes CPS should be involved. However, not only have i heard, but also witnessed CPS destroy or at the very least turn a families life completely upside down.
      I can understand when they intervene on an appropriate matter. Such as a history of verified abuse or drug addiction.
      But when the time and resources are wasted on loving parents whom where wrongfully accused of something by a jealous ex. Or an issue like being born to native parents.
      Its sickening what they will do.
      There are stories out there and current investigations on Dilico and Childrens Aid, for threatening native parents to either have their tubes tied or they will take away any children they have.
      In fact the CBC did a good story on it last week.
      These “Services” need to have a 3rd party investigate what they are doing to people. Not only across the country, but in our own city.

    2. Concerned. I agree. I have seen and witnessed workers abuse their authority because of jealousy. I have also witnessed workers fabricating stories to make their case more legit. This is wrong and very stressful on families. They have torn families apart. And I can also say they hire workers who are not qualified. But they are given the power to walk into a home and apprehend children.

  3. something about the description of that story doesn’t sound right, she asked him about the cocain and scale then he punches her repeatedly and asked her for money she hands over 600 then leaves? There has to be more to this sounds a little one sided. What this guy did was wrong regardless but something about that story isn’t right.

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