Man Located Drunk and Passed Out in South Side Park


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Police responded to the Kam View Park this evening in the city’s south side after a report came in about an unresponsive person on the ground, according to a witness.

We were told that once the police arrived and assessed the situation, it was determined that the male was not injured but just highly intoxicated. A Superior North EMS ambulance was requested to assess the subject at the centre of this police response.


After some time passed and the ambulance arrived, the male was assessed and it was overheard that he was absolutely fine. The subject insisted that he be taken to the hospital to be assessed. Paramedics then loaded the loaded male into the ambulance and off to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department they went.

Our speculation is that this male will lay in a bed in the emergency department and sober up. This is a regular occurrence that emergency department nurses, staff, porters and other staff endure pretty much daily if not constantly.

Thunder Bay has a “Overdose Prevention Site” in which addicts can use drugs under the safe and watchful eye of medical professionals, but what is desperately needed is a solution to the rampant drunks that lurk around “hot spots” in the city. Some of these people have learned how to use the hospital as a free night stay. There has to be a better way.


Alcohol addiction is one of the most dangerous habits to kick and can actually kill the user if they quit cold turkey. If you are thinking about putting the bottle down and making a change, reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask about how you can change your life for the better.

Important Note: The male did not spit or assault police or paramedics. As a result, he was not arrested or detained for assault as he did not assault anyone. He was also not assaulted either.


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  1. Why isnt the hospital and the city council doing something about this?This is kind of abuse by druggies and drunks is a major contributing factor to the infinite lack of beds there for people who are really sick and desperately need them. We are part of the problem for enabling them to abuse the system along with their addictions. I am fed up coddling and babying those bums who take it upon themselves get high and then want someone else to bail them out. It is overdue for some tough love and let them own their problems. I am tired of more and more of our tax dollars having to be shifted to more police resources because the police are stretched and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of human garbage pickup they have to deal with every single shift. (Then the thanks they get for their hard work is a label.) Our roads are atrocious and only getting worse because the money for them just isnt there. We are called the city with a giant heart? In reality it is a filthy ghetto and the crime capital of the country.

    1. Pam, I am sad to say you hit it right on. People that live there all their lives seem to have adjusted, and will tell you how great the fishing is, and don’t seem to notice the city. For those of us that left, and come periodically, it is disgraceful and sad.

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