Man Hangs Himself After Being Kicked Off Hospital Property


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On September 27, 2019, we reported on a dead body that was located near Oliver Road, just near the entrance to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. We had heard some unconfirmed details about what had happened at the time, but were not certain enough to report then.

Now we are.


Allegations are that a 19-year-old Indigenous man was in the hospital, seeking medical attention. He smelt of alcohol and was acting inappropriately at the time, likely due to his intoxication.

Hospital security staff escorted the male off the premises. The lone indigenous male headed east on Oliver Road and was later found dead on Lakehead University property. We heard that the male found something he was able to hang himself with.

The hospital, as always, claims no wrong-doing on their part. Yet it is likely that the Shelter Houses S.O.S. program was not called and the male was left alone and in distress.


This incident begs the question that if people with substance abuse issues combined with mental health issues goto the hospital, should they be ejected for not behaving in an ideal manner? Even if they become abusive, there are measures and methods to ensure the safety of staff and the patient. If anything, this case proves that simply ejecting unstable people from the hospital puts their lives in danger. If you can’t get help for substance abuse and mental health issues at the hospital without being ejected, well, that just doesn’t add up.

Security guards at Lakehead University often have taxi vouchers that they help people out with that are often located after being ejected out of the hospital.

Thunder Bay Police Service along with the coroner’s office are investigating the circumstances of this incident further. The community is watching and waiting to hear what comes of this.



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  1. Anyone in a state like that should not be going to the hospital. There should be a place specifically for drunks and drug addicts. Our hospital isn’t big enough as it is and with a care facility specifically for these issues a lot of beds would free up.

    1. People “like that” I disagree, I have seen a lot of people that need medical attention but get discharge when they really need the help. I’ve been threw it but either way just because you smell of alcohol doesn’t mean you have to be discharge right off the bat but I,myself notice because it had happen to me that most of it is Racism with the hospital with the nurses and doctors plus the security. I think now days people just don’t give a ****! but What happen to this boy is not right and I hope something good comes out of this plus everyone needs to be heard.

    2. I agree. It is ridiculous that we pay for Health Care but when needed, we take a back seat because of the number of drunks and addicts that show up at the Regional.

      The government should be providing other solutions for these individuals but unfortunately it would probably come out of the Health Care budget.

    3. I personal knew someone who was told to go to the hospital by his family doctor as he was depressed and sucididal. When he got there , hospital turned him down, Next day he was found hung in the valley street area. He was married and left his wife and small children. And another person found deceased in george burt park was also depressed. I think hospital should guide them to where they need to go,NOT getting turned away

    4. You tell me where that would be in Thunder Bay before you speak
      There is no where but jail or our hospital so free up nothing that is why there is mental health staff 24/7 at the hospital for these patients and for these reasons
      Thunder Bay has nothing available for it I’m sorry if you think differently but until you have actually been touched by it head on you will never see it for what it is

  2. Good example of why we need an actual mental health facility. Oh wait, we did have one and it was shut down. How the heck can government not address these facilities as necessity, mental health is slowly being brought to light and the stigma lifted gradually. We need funding for specialized care facilities.

    1. What is needed as a bigger detox center. You cannot blame hospital staff. it Has nothing to do with racism. 90% if the patients in the AMHU are indigenous. So no they are not turning people away. They have no room. Nor do they have the staff and facilities to house alcoholics and addicts. Time Chief Alvin Fiddler gets off his lazy ass and starts building mental health and addiction centres for his people.

    1. So…apparently this Jen chick knows for a fact..”the hospital” was full..hmmm…well I’m from way this way & I know for a FACT that Thunder Bay is near if not top on the list of racist City’ flash,??..NOT!!!…,since the beginning of the very 1st hospital it was a fscility where one–anyone in any kind of HEALTH distress be it physical emotional or mental.. ones OVERALL WELLBEING FFS to attend 24/7 365 days a yr….a hospital is suppose to be full of caring ppl who DONT see colour..who offer help in which ever way possible be it hands on or direction to their mental health floor maybe??…had this bin offered..THERE IS ONE AND ONLY “ONE” THING TO SAY HERE…THIS YOUNG HUMAN BEING WOULD STILL BE HERE…BUT NOOOO…SO TELL ME AGAIN THE HOSPITAL HOLDS NO RESPONSIBILTY..OOOOH BUT IF THIS WAS YOUR BROTHER PARTNER OR SON…..PRAYERS SENT THAT THIS YOUNG HUMAN BEING FOUND HIS WAY HOME..& CONDOLENCES TO HIS LOVED ONES & NATION…we live in such s cryee woykd…this is proof

  3. It’s called detox. But it’s their responsibility to turn people in the right direction. Not just turn us out.

  4. Our hospital is a joke…. 3/4 of the staff including doctors and nurses doesn’t seem to give a hoot. Only a few care with compassion and their time depending if they are there at the right time. But this young fella could of been there for needing help, and that he never got unfortunately which ended this way. Someone should of handle it properly. I mean every patient that makes there way to a hospital because they know help is there it should have been given.

  5. It is very sad that someone with mental health or substance abuse issues can not receive specialized help when they need it. But dont be blaming this hospital for all of societies maladies. The doctors and nurses do the best they can with the resources they have access to. They only have so many beds on their psych unit which are always occupied, If you want to blame anyone then blame the politicians and advocates who believed it was a smart move to close the LPH. Now there is no specialized facility to intervene in situations of mental health crisis and provide help. I was wondering how long it was going to be before accusations were directed towards the hospital too. Now I suppose there will be hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on another inquiry with a predictable outcome that non natives are the blame. Money that would be better spent on providing services that are urgently needed to ALL who need them.

  6. Fiddler’s great for pointing fingers yet never seems to provide solutions nor suggestions on how to deal with his problematic people. It’s alway’s white society’s fault when FN people create so many undesirable circumstances.

    If I were TBRHS management, I’d be phoning Fiddler every time one of his wayward people showed up at the hospital looking for a place to stay or free drugs.

    Why doesn’t Alvin work out an arrangement with TBRHSC to set up an indigenous office at the hospital to deal with unruly FN people? It should be manned 24/7/365 by FN personnel. That way, non-indigenous people won’t be blamed every time something goes awry and we’ll spend a lot less time and money in legal fees and court costs.

    1. I totally agree with this comment. I have been to the TBRHSC many times due to health problems, I’ve been put on the back burner because of the many FN peoples there drunk and publicly drinking in the waiting room. I’m not saying that non-indigenous peoples are not doing the same, just that 95% are FN peoples. Fiddler and the TBRHSC should absolutely set up something to deal with this.

  7. GIna…you need a reality check..Spend 24 hours behind the counter at the ER,,,24 hours in a cruiser …24 hours as an EMT …24 hours as a MHAT nurse and then come back with your keyboard warrior the whole world hates me attitude…you do not know …nor were we in the mind set that this poor man was….final seconds before suicide is a dark and horrible place that goes beyond and rational or logical thinking…most people who do commit suicide do not tell anyone…they have a plan ….they will lie and make sure no one knows what they are doing….. this mans mind led him to an unfortunate place…if he was refused while in their care because of negligence then yes there has to be accountability…however to point and say its all their fault is both ridiculous and obnoxious…so if every indiginous person that has been turned away because they did not qualify does that mean that the hospital people are racists?…or does it mean that someone elses need and what the patient is presenting at the time is greater then theirs at the time…think about it… i know you are going to say..he wanted to kill do you know that is what he presented you werent in the room with him….

  8. Gina I admit it is a terrible tragedy when someone is so despondent they take their own life. I also sympathize with the victims family on their loss. You can blame whoever you want in this case but someone should inform you that you should not make accusations based on emotions. Accusations need to be based on facts. It is so easy to haul out the racist accusation when you have a weak argument and can not support what your mouth is spouting off. You sound exactly the same as those sanctimonious airheads who think everyone else is responsible for the sh!t that happens to them but they themselves refuse to admit any culpability. Thunder Bay is no more racist than any other city in this country. The only reason we have the distinctive label of being a very racist community is because some very powerful players know how to use the media to their own advantage and have gotten away with brainwashing some very naive followers. So Gina if you want a box to stand on, get your facts straight first.

  9. I have read all of these comments and it is sad that in this day and age that no one really cares. Finger pointing mostly towards First Nations People, not only First Nations Suffer from Alcoholism or Drug Addictions. But in Thunder Bay it always seems to be First Nations People causing all the problems. I would never want to live in Thunder Bay because it is a Racist Town.

    1. Johnny Lee Snake What planet are you from? Your comment affirms what everyone here already knows. Thunder Bay has been label as a racist community simply because some Native leaders excerised their right to freedom of speech but when they are challenged about their comments they haul out the racist hammer. So when you talk about the finger pointing remember where it originated. Also please keep in mind that unless you are a small child, that no one else is responsible foryou or your behavior. . By the way I have had enough of this racist bull. It is has been overused and is getting old and stale now.

    2. When 90% of the problems are caused by 10% of the population, 100% of the time, what other conclusions can we come to? Is it racist to acknowledge facts?

      It is that simple.

    3. 90% of the problems caused by 10% of the population 100% of the time is a pretty good indicator that the 10% are a social segment that needs to be dealt with. Can’t argue the facts.

    4. “rex” acknowledges racism. but supports white supremacy. its kinda stupid how he blames the problem of racism on the few natives (his “10%”). his comment shows a complete unwillingness to be self aware and take some responsibility.

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