Man Flee’s Theft Scene with two Toddlers


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A REAL Concerned Citizen has hit our newsroom with a deeply concerning event that unfolded in the north side of the city this evening.

Around 6:00pm today, the allegations are that this man had been shoplifting from the Safeway on Dawson road just before he fled the area. You can clearly see he still has the hand basket from the store in his possession.


Our tipster decided to follow the alleged thief to see where he went with the two children he had with him. (Note: Child Tax payments went out on Thursday. There is no reasonable excuse to be stealing food. Child Tax pays out about $1200 a month for a single parent with two kids in Ontario.)

After the suspect noticed his photo was taken; he managed to lose our tipsters by likely bobbing and weaving through backyards.

During the pursuit, our tipster witnessed this suspect carelessly darting throug traffic in an attempt to lose the tail of the Safeway employee following him.


Our tipster is hoping someone can identify this man and report him to the appropriate child protective services so that this incident may be investigated.

”I saw this guy running across red river road at 550 ish…zero cares for the kids he was pushing and he was running from a safeway employee who was on a cell phone. Felt so bad for those littles.” – Jeph H.

Anyone who knows who this man is should contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200.

If you wish to remain anonymous you can reach out to Crime Stoppers through their website at


3 Replies to “Man Flee’s Theft Scene with two Toddlers”

  1. What is it with thieves and sweat pants? Seems that poor judgement and poor taste go hand in hand.

    This total a-hole should be ashamed of himself pulling off crap like this in front of small children. That’s the real crime here. What kind of example is he setting for these poor kids? Ten or fifteen years from now, it will be them doing the crimes.
    This idiot should be apprehended and made an example of by being given the harshest penalty possible.

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