Mail Carrier Attacked by Sex Trade Worker


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – This morning, Monday July 8, 2019, a Canada Post Mail Carrier was attacked by a hooker near the intersection of Mckenzie and Dease Streets. The hooker approached the young female mail carrier and said “Where’s my fucking mail bitch?”

The prostitute proceeded to violently punch the mail carrier in the nose. The mail carrier attempted to flee when the hooker grabbed a brick and threw it at the mail carrier striking her in the leg.


Thunder Bay Police are looking for the prostitute.

She is described as being:

  • An Indigenous female.
  • Dark hair
    Approximately 30 years of age.
  • 5-foot 6-inches tall.
  • Heavier than average escorts.
  • Wearing black silky dress and white top.

Mckenzie Street is a notorious street for prostitutes. Residents of the neighbourhood have been frustrated for years with the continuing sex related traffic on the streets. Used condoms and needles are often discarded in people’s yards.


The Director of Communications for TBPS has not notified the public about this randomly violent hooker yet. He is unlikely to do his job on this story.

No word yet on the extent of the injuries incurred by the mail carrier in this violent attack.


5 Replies to “Mail Carrier Attacked by Sex Trade Worker”

  1. Complaints about those hookers go nowhere. As they have a right to do what they do just about next to my house. Why is this allowed in residential area, why not have designated areas for this type of activity. It’s so frustrating that an area where many young families and seniors reside it became a “normal thing” to see street workers day and night.

  2. Thunder bay has become a nightmare of drugs and robberies. Not my hometown that I grew up in .scarey.

    1. I agree I was born and raised here and it’s become a mess. Funny how the indigenous leaders aren’t coming out in protest against this violent act of one of their own on a civilian gov’t employee. I’m sure they would be out in droves protesting and crying racism if the situation was reversed. What a joke this town has become.

  3. It is bad enough that they work on the streets to make their money and that is their choice but it is really bad when they start to attack innocent workers if you want your mail go home and check your mailbox there is no need to attack a mail carrier for it thank the Lord she was not killed or more seriously injured that brick could just as easily have hit her in the head and killed her now it is not even safe to do your job is to bad that she never had pepper spray that she could have sprayed the attacker with. Hope that she has a speedy recovery from her injuries and hope they find the woman that attacked her and she is punished to the full extent of the law.

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