Madness in the South Downtown Core


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – More madness in the city today, perhaps some people could have used their CTB to invest in some driving lessons.

After two earlier incidents today involving moving vehicles, another incident which is suspected to have been caused by a motoring member of the public.

Traffic lights at Donald and May have been knocked down. It is suspected a vehicle caused the damage.

We are uncertain the gender of the driver or when exactly this happened. All we are certain is that CTB came out days ago and the traffic light is down.

Anyone with more information about this incident is asked to reach out to us via text at 807-355-8917 or by email at

We will update this story as more facts become available.


6 Replies to “Madness in the South Downtown Core”

    1. Pino makes a reasonable observation.

      Many lowlifes in this city don’t spend their CTB on their children. It’s mostly spent on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, casino, tattoos and cell phone plans. Hence the uptick in criminal activity, drugging/drunkenness, vehicle mishaps and other unbecoming activity.

  1. Pino, Why not just quit it with the Child Tax Benefit comments. This is a good programme to help parents with child care. Just because there likely are some abuses is not a reason to blame it for car accidents or drug abuse unless you can substantiate it with facts and not your obvious biased speculation.

    1. I dont think anyone is saying that the CTB is not needed and is not abused by most. I think he is pointing out that there is a clear uptick in police incidents just after CTB goes out. There are a select few who abuse whats given to them by the forced contributions of others, and I agree it’s more than a little annoying.

    2. Pino makes a valid observation.

      Not just “some” abuse their CTB. There are likely several hundred if not a thousand or more welfare scammers in Thunder Bay squandering their welfare cheques, CTB and other benefits on drugs, alcohol and other vices.

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