Lowe’s Thunder Bay Set to Close End of January


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Sources close to Lowe’s in Thunder Bay say that they have just got word about the locations future.

Our source says that management informed staff today that the store is going to close by the end of January.


Lack of profits is being rumoured to be the reason that store is closing its doors for good.

Sales quotas were not met, according to sources.

Inventories are already running low at the store. Sale prices are expected to start in January.


This is yet another store shutting its doors in Thunder Bay and at the Intercity Shopping Centre. In the last 6 years, Zellers then Target and now Lowe’s have closed down in that location.

Last year, Lowe’s announced the closure of 31 stores. Thunder Bay was not in that list.


20 Replies to “Lowe’s Thunder Bay Set to Close End of January”

  1. Brain fart happening here.
    Anyone remember what was there before Target got shut down?
    Can’t remember for the life of me.

  2. Lowe’s has no stock, even on sale appliances. Their prices are high and rent in Intercity is astronomical. I hope this means we get an IKEA depot or a Menards.

  3. This is a quality big box store. One would think they would have done their home work before setting up shop? Seems their projected model didn’t quite meet expectations.

    Guess upper management didn’t realize that welfare towns don’t spend a lot of money on hardware.

    All that will be left in Dumpster Bay will be dollar stores and liquor/beer stores.

  4. They can’t keep up with all the shoplifters,they need there drugs and booze.And our cops hands are tied so can’t do anything or they are racists.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt that is a factor. Combine that with the disgusting lowlife that frequent the area. Likely customers were put off by that.

      I’ve only been there twice and each time it wasn’t busy. However, there were the usuals stumbling around p!ssed up and/or perusing the parking lot looking for opportunities.

  5. I actually really liked Lowe’s. There was a man named Richard that worked there that was very helpful all the time. My last 3 big purchases were from Lowe’s……gonna miss it!!!!

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