(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On November 14th, 2018 at approximately 3:00 a.m. officers responded to a call of a female that had been stabbed in the Limbrick Street Complex.

Officers arrived to find a female in need of medical attention. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance.


The follow up investigation led officers to enter a separate unit to locate the suspect who was taken into custody and escorted to the Balmoral police station.

34-year-old Larissa JAHNKE, of Thunder Bay appeared in court charged with:

  • Assault with a Weapon
  • Breach of Undertaking (No alcohol or substances banned under the CDSA)

Jahnke appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service Station.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchkeesic was presiding, along with Crown Attorney VanKessel and duty counsel lawyer Lianne Roberge.

The Crown tells the court that this is a reverse onus situation, which means Jahnke will need to show the courts why she should be released.

There are secondary ground concerns regarding the release of Jahnke, according to the Crown. Secondary ground concerns means that the Crown believes the likelihood of Jahnke to reoffend or become a public safety issue is substantial.

Further the Crown requests a no contact order between Jahnke and her alleged victim and one witness.

Duty counsel indicates that Jahnke has obtained a lawyer, and they will email that lawyer on behalf of Jahnke.

Jahnke has also requested a referral be made to the John Howard Society regarding her pending bail hearing.

Jahnke starts to try and explain what happened during the incident and how she needs to get home to her 5 month old daughter, and duty counsel lawyer Roberge interrupts her and

She was remanded into custody.

The 20 year old female victim has been released from the hospital.



  1. Another proud daughter with a mom like that. What a waste.
    Can’t even believe someone who took a knife to someone is even considered for release 🤢

  2. Probably has to do with substance abuse and underlying mental health issues. People like her have been sent to healing lodges which I’m sure may help her. She will probably be released back into the community with her child. What blows my mind is that if she had stabbed a cat she would probably get automatic 90 days.

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