LCBO Heist – Arrested Twice in a Week




A 40 year old BERNIE JOHNATHAN MOONIAS aka WABASSE appeared via video from Thunder Bay Police Station this morning, Tuesday March 12,2019

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Tamara Fairchild is here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

MOONIAS was just released on Sunday. (See below).

MOONIAS was arrested by TBPS Officers yesterday afternoon, Monday March 11,2019 for breaching his release conditions as well as stealing some fine Kelly’s Wine and another bottle of red wine.

MOONIAS will remain in custody for now. He has an extremely lengthy record of theft.



A 40 year old MURRAY JOHNATHAN MOONIAS aka WABASSE appeared via video from Thunder Bay Police Station this morning, Sunday March 10,2019.

It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Massachusetts is presiding. Provincial Crown Tiffany Boisvert is here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

MOONIAS appears very unsteady on feet wearing a black “TUPAC” T-shirt.  Yesterday at 2:57pm, Loss Prevention Officers spotted MOONIAS leaving LCBO on Fort William Road without attempting to pay for a bottle of fine Kelly’s wine.

MOONIAS left the store.

Thunder Bay Police were called and arrived at the store. But they found other people stealing, so they were busy arresting and charging them.

Meanwhile, MOONIAS made it as far as Starbucks where he passed out unconscious in the coffee shop having alleged consumed the entire bottle in under an hour.

Starbucks staff called TBPS who arrived to find the unconscious and intoxicated MOONIAS in the store.

Crown Attorney Boisvert wants the condition that MOONIAS not be allowed at any LCBO in Ontario.

Duty Counsel Roberge feels that he should be allowed back in any LCBO except Fort William Road location.

The problem is that MOONIAS steals from every LCBO.

Court hears there are more charges coming against MOONIAS. He’s released with conditions to stay 20 metres away from every LCBO store in Ontario.

He’s not to be outside “intoxicated”. Not allowed in bars or booze cans. Must report every Monday to Thunder Bay Police.

He’s released with a future court date.

If you have a picture of MURRAY JOHNATHAN MOONIAS aka WABASSE you’d like added to the story, please message it to the page.


14 Replies to “LCBO Heist – Arrested Twice in a Week”

  1. Canada should consider 3 strikes legislation instead of its revolving door policy and provide treatment options. There is no fear of reprisal and the same behaviors continue. Really sad.

  2. Since the lcbo provides a source of income in terms of taxes, anyone caught stealing is in effect evading taxes and committing tax evasion. I say if on any social assistance program, welfare housing etc they are cutoff and never allowed to draw on it. If not on any programs, then a full cra exam. Let the accountants go after them and seize assets.

  3. I think he means seize their empties. Ridiculous comment. Secondly, these groups keep conjuring around the side road between the gas station and Canadian Tire. I’m tempted to go through the big puddle that is at the bend and give them a dousing of water to sober them up or at least move them. However, that’s illegal. I have to adjust to road conditions while driving but it shouldn’t be that way when they’re all grouped together on the road.

  4. Our system of dealing with these folks by looking for excuses to be lenient and forgoing jail time simply isn’t working and it’s damning to the reputation of Thunder Bay. We need a grassroots movement to lobby the government for stricter laws and forceful guidelines to our judges. Burying our heads in the sand and allowing the Media to play the race card when we speak up has to stop. Our elected Fed and Prov politicians do not have the balls to say it like it is.

    1. completely agree, call kit like it is, its not racism its just calling as we see it…..
      its a problem that clearly needs a new means of bieng dealt with,
      heres my sugestion,
      throw them all on a deserted island with one bottle of booze- survival of the fittest!!! lol
      but in all seriousness this is a problem and must be dealt with, its affecting the lives of everyone who comes into contact with these bottom feeders. its time for change!!

  5. Bernie was also caught taking beer on Friday and Saturday from the Beer Store on Ft. William Road
    Moonias has been trespassed from the Beer Store, but that doesn’t stop him from stealing

    1. If he’s a known thief, why would they let him in the store?

      Alcohol outlets need to change their methods for dealing with this trash. Might be inconvenient for other but just allowing these thieves into the store to steal booze and get away with virtually no punishment will never deter them.

      If I were operating an alcohol outlet, I’d have a secure double door foyer system near the checkouts that allow a loss prevention employee to observe who’s trying to get in. The first door would be unlocked, the second locked. When a thieving wino tries to get in, he/she can’t and gets his/her ass kicked out and police are called if they become unruly. Something desperately needs to be done to rid the city of these disgusting parasites.

    2. Rex: Big turn-off for the regular customers. What if the door monitor guy is busy.. do we just pile up in this foyer ? Speaking of, what if the slug just stands in the foyer waiting to go in with other people ? Would security come and throw the bum out ? Sure, but then you’re right back to the probable reason why existing security does not get involved. Someone records video of the event, social media squeakies and other “organizations” make an issue out of it, public officials think that the majority of people must be offended too, and pressure comes down the pipe. Funny thing is, the majority of people do NOT feel the same as these social media squeakies and special interest organizations.
      In this particular example, a thief is a thief. But people would want to draw attention to the native issues.

  6. “Duty Counsel Roberge feels that he should be allowed back in any LCBO except Fort William Road location.”

    Is this lawyer playing with a full deck? Surely he/she must be aware that the culprit is an alcoholic and in need of treatment. Why would anyone in their right mind want to enable this drunk to get booze elsewhere, legally or otherwise?

    Thunder Bay citizens need to rally to raise concerns about unmanageable drunks, druggers and winos thieving and causing so much social disruption and denigration of the city’s reputation. Thunder Bay is looking more and more like a disgusting shithouse due to these drunks. One would think City Council would be all over this problem.

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