Landmark Inn security guard has a knife pulled on them, man found guilty and sentenced.




Appearing in Criminal Courtroom 102 today, Tuesday, January 15, 2019, is 25-year-old BRETT MENDOWEGAN.


His Honour Justice Gary Kunnas is presiding. Crown Attorney Tamara Fairchild and Defence Lawyer Andrew Desmoulin are present.

MENDOWEGAN is a slightly larger than the average man with a mop-like head of hair wearing dark clothing.

MENDOWEGAN is being sentenced for assault with a weapon.


The court hears that on the evening of May 24, 2018 that MENDOWEGAN entered the Landmark Inn appearing under the influence of drugs and alcohol with blood on his hands. He was not a guest of the hotel. A security officer approached him in the lobby and MENDOWEGAN pulled a knife out and pointed it at the security officer.

The officer went to call police while MENDOWEGAN proceeded through the lobby and walked through the hotel with a knife. Thunder Bay Police arrived and found MENDOWEGAN and the knife inside the hotel. He was taken to hospital to be medically checked then to the police station.


MENDOWEGAN is a member of the Aroland 83 Indian Settlement and both his parents went to residential school.


MENDOWEGAN is ordered to submit his DNA as well as not to possess weapons along with his 12 months probation. He’s also ordered not to have contact with the security officer and stay away from the Landmark Inn.

There was no media release from the useless Director of Communications about this incident and local taxpayer subsidized media sat in the courtroom playing on their cell phones instead of taking notes.


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  1. This is more of a question rather than a comment. What relevance does Mr.Mendowegan’s parents going to residential school, have on this case ? I’m only curious because that was all that was said about his parents. Was this a mitigating factor in why he pulled a knife on a security guard ?

    1. It really shouldn’t matter however if his parents went to residential schools, it does look better for him as per Gladue.

  2. The Gladue Factors seem to give Natives/Aboriginals lighter sentences for their backgrounds.
    Is this true for white people with no criminal history?
    I doubt it.
    Gladue asks judges to apply a method of analysis that recognizes the adverse background cultural impact factors that many Aboriginals face. In a Gladue analysis these factors, if present in their personal history, work to mitigate or reduce the culpability of offenders. Judges are then asked to consider all reasonable alternatives to jail in light of this. Such an analysis, then, is more likely to lead to a restorative justice remedy being used either in place of a jail sentence or combined with a reduced term.

    1. Yes, there is a similar thing called a “presentence report” in which applies to everyone.

      For First Nations people, they have a gladue component to their presentence report.

      It’s almost the exact same thing.

  3. Yes of no relation to the crime he perpretated on his idiot conduct at the Landmark. The judge in this case negated to consider s knife pulled is more serious than a punch. A knife is a possible attempt to murder someone.
    Another slap on the wrist. Even if an order to attend a alcohol and drug rehab would have been a good choice in these crimes. Geeze😡😡

  4. Another reason to thank Thunder Bay law enforcement, who have to deal with the infestation of these dangerous dimwits on a daily basis.

  5. Anyone seen Alvin ?

    Gotta be the TBPSs fault on this one too! I mean common it’s perfectly acceptable to threaten and pull knives on people. The TBPS must have infringed on this outstanding visitors rights somehow.

    ALVIN….WHERE R U ….we need the racist spin….

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