La Senza Closing Permanently This Saturday


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The popular Intercity Shopping Centre retailer La Senza is closing down permanently this Saturday.

A spokesperson from the store tells us that they know about 17 stores that are closing their doors, for good. Although reasons for the out of town stores closing are not known by local employees, a major factor for the local store is the around $11,000 a month rent that they say the Intercity Shopping Centre is charging them.

La Senza’s parent company Regent has said that there is changes coming to some of its 300 stores and that underperforming and struggling stores would be first to feel the pinch. A larger strategy is being deployed to reposition the company on better financial grounds in a changing economy.

Our local store has a number of people that will be out of work. Employees at the store say that the stock is already low and whatever does not sell before their doors close on Saturday, will be shipped back to another location.

This is yet another store that has closed down or moved out of Intercity Shopping Centre in recent times. One person believes that the rent is ridiculously high in the mall and needs to be adjusted by a reasonably minded person.

Lowe’s, Sears, Zellers and Homesense are just a few of the stores that have closed down in the mall in recent times.


6 Replies to “La Senza Closing Permanently This Saturday”

    1. They’ll have to find their hoe-siery elsewhere.

      Welfare towns don’t need most of the shops that are closing down. I’m surprised work boots are still available in Dumpster Bay.

  1. Sad another store in this town is closing down. The astronomical rent is just one of the nails in the coffin. Another reason is the market type. The demographics that make up much of this town here are seniors and bums. La Senza appears geared to appeal to the yuppie younger age and many of them are ordering everything online these days. It will be interesting to see if Marshalls does last longer than Target or Lowes., but I am not betting on it lasting any longer than either of them.

  2. That’s too bad , I haven’t been in the mall for years . Is the mall still a warming center for panhandlers and junkies ?


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