Keeping Pressure on City Hall to Rebuild Dease Pool


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Dease Pool supporters are planning a Free Feast, Rally and March to City Hall on Monday, December 16 at 5:00 pm starting at The Hub Bazaar, 507 Victoria Ave. E. The one city block “March” to City Hall begins at 6 pm.

This is the same evening that City Council will be speaking to the recommendation by City Administration to decommission and demolish Dease Pool.

The Renew Dease Pool and Save Dease Pool Team have collected over 6,000 signatures on a petition to Rebuild Dease Pool.

Kateri Banning, a contractor and a Renew Dease Pool member has presented a plan to City Council/Administration to have the historic pool repaired and open for a fraction of the cost. Including a plan design that would see the pool become a skating rink in the winter season.

Over the past year, concerned citizens from across the city have continued to advocate tirelessly to see the oldest outdoor pool in North America rebuilt in the South McKellar Ward. The Heritage Advisory Council has passed a motion to add Dease Pool to the Heritage Site Registry in Thunder Bay. A deputation to City Council that was scheduled this past September by the committee never came to fruition.

Unifor, the largest private sector union in Canada has donated from their “Social Justice Fund” to help in the efforts to see Dease Pool rebuilt for the McKellar Ward community.

Andy Savela, Director of Healthcare Unifor, was recently interviewed about Dease Pool and said, “we see that we have a role in social justice issues because we represent workers and their families, and often those groups come to see us for our support and influence and help in terms of bringing attention to their issues.”.

The teams recent Radio Campaign and Christmas Postcard drop in the city has caused a stir at City Hall as calls have been pouring into the City Clerks office from residents asking administration to recommend the Rebuild of Dease Pool instead of a Bulldozer.

Keep those calls going in to city hall asking Administration to “Rebuild Dease Pool for the Kids”. The response to the recent campaign has been a resounding success with an overwhelming amount of calls coming in to city hall. They have been challenging callers by saying that you have to get in touch with your councillor and that they do not know who sent out Christmas postcards in the Chronicle. Do not be discouraged by their misguided remarks and remind them that you have the right to call City Hall as they are part of the Administration that recommended the closure of Dease Pool to council in the first place!! Solidarity!!

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  1. Though it is sad to see an empty dease pool , do the people of thunder bay really think a huge cement structure holding gallons upon gallons and more gallons of unsupervised access to water is a good idea at this point in time.. the crisis of the city is not a closed pool but the deterioration of the residents of the once beautiful home of the sleeping giant .. boulevard lake.. kakabeka falls is just a horrendous home of sickness.. murder.. child abuse.. robbery.. gang activity.. overdoses.. poverty.. all on the rise and at an alarming speed.. i think thunder bay needs to focus more on putting any extra funding into helping restore all of my once called hometown .. get it all back to food .. starting not with the pool.. or a park or a sidewalk .. but with some serious outreach programs and housing .. get the thugs off the streets .. our kids back to School without the fear of beatings if they dont have a smoke to give the addict..come on people give your fine heads a shake..this destruction of thunderbay has been going on so long it has just become the norm..NO…STOP THE PAIN..fuck the pool..get the help for the people that is needed cuz without that there wont be people lwft to go into the pools.. kids wont be living with safe parents who actually do healthy living things line go to a pool.. help the people! first.. before u build .. it will just become a place to discover FLOATERS.. YES DEAD PEOPLE.. JUST ONE OPINION FROM ONE WOMAN WHO USED TO CALL TBAY HOME.. FROM A TIME WHEN ALL THE OUTDOOR POOLS WERE THRIVING .. CLEAN AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SAFE
    PEACE.. Karen Piilo

    1. You said: “there wont be people lwft to go into the pools”

      Don’t worry yourself about that.

      There are thousands of welfare scammers are pumping out kids at record numbers to increase their welfare cheques. They’ ll ensure the next generations of welfare recipients will be around to occupy whatever they can get for free.

  2. Nothing like beating a dead horse! It’s over, time to let it go and find something else to protest because Dease pool is DONE 100 times over.

  3. Never mind the financial realities surrounding the pool, another fact the Dease pool boosters don’t know is that the city doesn’t have enough lifeguards to staff it! If Dease pool were to stay open, they would have to take staff from other pools which would reduce the number of swimmers allowed in at any one time at all facilities. There are lifeguard to swimmer ratios that need to be met at all times. 5 guards on, 200+ swimmers. 3 guards on, 125 swimmers in. 75 people There is simply not enough lifeguards employed by the city to have a max bather load at all facilities during the summer. So to keep Dease open, all other pools suffer.

    What? Hire more Lifeguards you say? Good luck with that. The city pays just barely over minimum wage. Why would anyone take all those courses, have all that responsibility to make basically minimum wage.

  4. Very well said, Karen. Whoever thinks Dease pool is a monument of anything is a fool. The word “Dease” to me makes me think of Dease st and McKenzie at, hookers, gangs, murders, just like the word Dease, Thunder Bay means the same thing. I was thinking this the other day, this city has gone to shit. The cops do what they can but we need stiffer judges, maybe some borders, and another hundred police officers or so before ANYTHING at ALL will change. Again very well said Karen

  5. Karen,

    I must agree and disagree with you at the same time. There is a major crime problem in Thunder Bay and a resolution must be found through a collaboration with the City of Thunder Bay, The Thunder Bay Police Services, The Provincal and Federal Governments. I believe the Thunder Bay Police Services are doing the best they can with the funds available to them. However, they could use more funding from our Governments! The people need to stand up and make themselves heard by all these bodies. On the other hand, the children are not responsible, nor should they suffer the loss of Dease Pool because of the criminal activity of irresponsible adults!

    Dease Pool may be the only temporary escape for some of these children to get away from their dysfunctional homes or neighbourhoods. The Children who have a high number of crimes in their neighbourhoods who are witnessing the violence and drug abuses around them need to get away with a group of their peers and just have FUN! They need to laugh and forget for a while just like an adult does. These crimes and drug abuses are not really limited to any one neighbourhood, but they do seem to frequent certain neighbourhoods at times. Some of these children may not have the best influences in their life and it would be a great opportunity for the City of Thunder Bay to offer these children role modeling activities just outside of the Dease Pool fence as well, if they do not already! Children cannot pick their parents or their neighbourhoods!

    If the City can continue to operate Victoriaville year-after-year with a loss of $500,000.00 annually and they spend tax payer monies on a Golf Course that only the select few use and now they plan to spend millions on building a soccer centre that only the affluent people will be able to use why not spend money on the children who have very little or no opportunities available to them whatsoever? These children should not be segregated because of where they live and for what they do not have! They should be offered this one opportunity to be active in a swimming pool instead of being in a closed room with their brains being absorbed in a multi-media device. Personally, I would rather see a child swimming in a supervised pool instead of reading the newspaper and reading about a child or children who have drowned while swimming in a body of water because Dease Pool was closed. I wonder if the members of the City Council would sleep well at night after reading an article knowing they would be responsible for contributing to the death of a child or children!

    I think City Hall has forgotten the Children are our future! If the City of Thunder Bay can positively influence these children while they are young and at Dease Pool, perhaps, the future of this City will be much brighter in the years to come! Sometimes it is NOT always about the MONEY! A sum of money invested now could lead to potential investments for this City in time. There may even be another Bill Gates or Ted Turner who attends the pool for the summers during childhood but how would anyone ever know. (Sorry, I could not think of any Canadians right now.) These little lives could be positively changed by something as simple as the City providing a safe place for the children to spend their summer days congregating and swimming at Dease Pool! How many affluent people spend the summer at their cottage or at their camp annually and feel revived, relaxed and refreshed every year. The majority of the children who attend this pool will not have that luxury!

  6. I read a article the other day. If it is right that dease pool is the oldest in ground pool left in Canada why can’t it be marked as a historical land mark . Would that not at least save it from being demolished.

  7. People have to just understand that the expense to keep a pool open for only about 8 weeks out of the year is a luxury this city just can not afford. If those people are willing to pay for the upkeep, the salary of the lifeguards and then the liability insurance then ok let them, but if they wont pony up with the funding themselves then they need to bury this dead horse. There are plenty of indoor pools and splash pads throughout this city.

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