Judge Dismisses CN’s Appeal – James Street Swing Bridge


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – CN now must reopen the James Street Bridge to vehicular traffic as Canada’s highest court has now rejected their appeal and have upheld the previous decision.

The court shot down CN’s leave to appeal application. The court found that the closure of the bridge had violated the 1906 agreement which would have CN maintain access in perpetuity.


The James Street Bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic since a fire ripped through the structure in October of 2013.

Last year, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned the original decision on the matter.

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8 Replies to “Judge Dismisses CN’s Appeal – James Street Swing Bridge”

  1. ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the city and FWFN gets on the railway’s case to open ASAP! Far too many accidents attributed to this nonsense.

    Driving through the intersection of Chippewa Rd and Hwy 61 is like doing a tour in Vietnam! Scary.

  2. Yep. Don’t be surprised if it’s a single lane access controlled by traffic lights and shared with the trains.

  3. Considering that CN has lost it’s final appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, they should immediately be held accountable for prompt and timely repair to the bridge to return it to automobile service as well as being held accountable for all of the costs for lost income and inconvenience caused to the people of FWFN and anyone else who had to bear undue hardship while the bridge was out of service.

    Every person that had to travel extra miles at their own expense to get to work due to the bridge being down should get together and start a class action suit against CN.

    The company should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  4. Totally fed up with the extra time and gas wasted on the miles added to this trek each time. Rex is right on CN. damn well should reimburse those affected by the inconvenience for such a long period of time.

    1. Dumbest comment I’ve seen on here . Reimburse you for what? Your choice to buy cheaper gas and illegal smoke?? Get your head out of the sand .

  5. Hopefully, they repair the bridge properly and actually make it safer for people to drive on than it was in the past. That bridge was not the safest bridge to drive on before it was set on fire!!

  6. Just open the damn bridge already. Bottom line a greedy corporation caused a whole city to suffer for over 5 years. They should have to pay reparations too.

  7. Don’t give up! Keep fighting CN. They have more than enough money to take care of this. Just keep on their asses. I know of other FN who have fought and won with CN. It’s not impossible. 💪🏽

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