Jason Raven: Wanted for Murder


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service has identified a second suspect connected to the homicide of 52-year-old Andrew AYRE.


A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Jason RAVEN, 23, of Thunder Bay, for charges of Second-Degree Murder and Robbery.


The investigation began on Thursday, April 25 after an injured male was located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and North Street. Paramedics were originally dispatched to the scene at about 4 p.m. and found the man on the sidewalk in distress.

The man was transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further treatment. On Monday, April 29, AYRE succumbed to his injuries.

That same day, at about 11:30 p.m., police arrested David Vernon GREGOROVICH, 32, of Thunder Bay without incident.


GREGOROVICH appeared in court and was formally charged with Second-Degree Murder and Robbery before being remanded into custody with a future appearance date.

Do not confront or approach RAVEN.

If you have information that could assist investigators locate RAVEN, please call police at 9-1-1 or 684-1200. You can also contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, online at www.p3tips.com.

Is that a gun next to him?



Source: TBPS

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16 Replies to “Jason Raven: Wanted for Murder”

  1. So they are getting one at a time was any of this caught on the eye in the sky cam or going off what ppl witnessed? If off the cam can they not release images of the possible ppl involved and get the faces out there especially the one of the girl they said was last one to kick him..

  2. Another wannabe gangsta punk going to the big house to be someone’s boy-toy.

    Way to ruin your life A-hole.

  3. Excellent work by the TBPS to catch these animals so quickly.
    Unfortunately, now they have to be clothed, housed and fed, on our dime.
    Violent acts like this should be countered with severity – unfortunately, that’s off the table in Canada.

  4. This is a dangerous new corner ThunderBay just turned , Native junkies murdering a defenceless White person in broad daylight . Council , the Police , Native leaders and both levels of Gov’t better get the ball rolling and figure out what they are going to do about this situation, and I mean FAST , NO LIP SERVICE and No POLITICAL CORRECTNESS . This city in my opinion is ready to explode.

    1. ROF – Well said.

      Never before have we been subject to so much extreme violence being perpetrated by a select segment of Thunder Bay “society”. Everywhere you go, there are aggressive panhandlers making people feel unsafe. How long before they decide to start KO’ing or murdering people to rob them?

      A very serious crackdown is needed indeed. Problem is that TBPS and PSB have been under unfair scrutiny for “racism” when they mete out necessary force to adequately deal with this segment of our society. Combine that with ineffective judges and revolving door justice, we end up with little to no control of the situation and the problems keeps growing.

      Considering we can’t carry weapons or bear spray, maybe keeping a can of wasp killer in our pockets will help deter being mugged. It’s supposed to be pretty effective if sprayed in the eyes. We have to do something to protect ourselves.

  5. Me and this guy were in the same class together in 2004😂 dude got his ass kicked outside the school sometime during lunch. Before he moved from the rez to Tbay.

  6. What unbelievable trash these people are! What the hell is this trend of ALL people of this caliber/class giving the finger all about? Is it some kind of inside joke or a code? Either way I hope he is found and it would be wonderful if he was found slightly smashed up a bit. Condolences again to the family of Andrew. Animals like this have no business being on our streets.

    1. I suspect the finger thing may be an undesirable genetic mutation, possibly from insufficient gene pool(s). All of the punks seem to have it. And oddly enough, they’re seemingly proud of it. Or, they’re crying out for help to draw attention to their “finger-itis”?

      Behind every finger is an abject loser.

    1. Agreed.

      However, if left to their own demise, and if Narcan were taken off the street, they’d pretty much take care of the problem themselves in due course.

    2. Rex
      I agree with both! Capital punishment should be reinstated no two ways about it. Also, that Narcan…absolute worst thing to just give out to the public! I don’t understand what the point is. Is it to keep the dealers selling this stuff in business so all their clients don’t drop dead and keep buying? It certainly isn’t saving money in the hospitals because these people are going to eventually have brain damage from almost dying ALL THE TIME so it’s just a matter of time they wind up in government funded nursing homes. What’s worse is that these people are able to have kids after doing all these drugs, just imagine how those poor pathetic souls are going to turn out. Every other kid seems to have some kind of mental illness these days, the kids made by these people getting revived every other day are going to be seriously messed up.

  7. ROF you nailed it except this city is already has exploded. 30 years ago I worked with a woman whose hubby was a cop. He told her then, do not ever leave the doors unlocked at anytime because if people knew what was going here they would all be armed with 44 magnums and have 30 locks on every door and window. Today it is even worse. This city makes south side Chicago look like Disneyland. But those bleeding heart politicians believe you can take demented killers and turn them into productive humans. WTF? The cops are under a microscope every call they attend and those creeps know it. This latest victim was just an ordinary guy who could have been your brother or father and he got murdered by a couple of bottom feeders for a pack of smokes and a bit of cash. In the USA you can be sentenced to do 150 years in the slammer for fraud. In Canada you can murder someone and get 3 years. Something very wrong with this picture. I wont hold my breath but I hope they get every charge possible and the fullest penalty on the books.

  8. This guy deserves to be locked away for life for what he has done. Who knows what will happen to him when he gets to the big house. Will he still be a tough guy who thinks he knows it all or will he become someone’s boy toy and learn the ropes of what it is really like to be tough??? Those big boys do not fool around and he will be new meat for them to break into the prison life of a real criminal those guys in there do not fool around so I wonder if he will be as tough as he thinks he is. I am sure he will soon find out. LOCK HIM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY he is going where he deserves to be. HOPEFULLY FOR A LONG LONG TIME him and his partner in crime.

  9. The 1st suspect is white quit making it a race thing they are junkies any colour junkie will do this.

  10. RIP Andrew, death penalty should be implemented to anyone proven guilty of supplying this crap. Time to clean up the problem at the source !

  11. justice is rever served. the 4ppl who killed my cousin in a home invatision got 10 yrs and less

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